The Solari Opportunity

The Solari Opportunity is to transform our world by withdrawing our deposits, purchases, investments, currency and attention from banks, media, companies, and other institutions who are not acting in our best interests, and to shift them to institutions led and financed by people who manage in alignment with our values in an effective, transparent and accountable manner. The Solari Opportunity is to to shift wealth and power back into balance with the interests of families and communities in a manner that promotes excellence and the creation of new wealth. We do this by taking responsibility for our economy, by forming Solari Circles and -- where there is significant local business and citizen support -- new ways of circulating resources in our neighborhoods and networks. As we engage our attention and our transactions in a more financially intimate manner, we support a rising Solari (Pospicle) Index worldwide. For a summary see  Introducing the Solari Opportunity.

Articles by Catherine Austin Fitts

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