The Solari Opportunity

I believe we can transform our finances, and our world, hand in hand.

I believe we can start doing this in our lives and with family, friends and colleagues wherever we live and through our networks in many places.

We can do this by focusing our time and our money in a financially intimate way -- in support of authentic leaders and diversified, excellent enterprises we and our network know and trust -- that create jobs and financial security in our families and communities, strengthen our small farms and businesses, and generate positive investment returns for local and global investors.

Right now our environment is suffering. Our debt and unemployment are rising, along with cost of living, while our income, assets, and retirement nest eggs are dwindling. We are working harder than ever. Our public funds are being slashed, mismanaged, and stolen. Accountability and oversight are disintegrating. The dollar is falling, natural resources are peaking, and market manipulation is rampant. Our traditional investment model is not sustainable; it has resulted in a centralization of the economy which has a negative return on investment.

Our real opportunity is to organize locally as we network globally, to improve financial transparency and sustainability in our cities, towns, and villages – find out how the money works, flows, and disappears – and reengineer our economy from the grassroots level to a new, diversified excellence. Financing communities and small farms and businesses with equity and sound currency can reduce debt, create jobs and finance the integration of renewable technology and design into our infrastructure in a manner that lowers our expenses.

No longer will we purchase from, deposit with or invest in large banks and corporations and think we can use the profits to buy strategic resources in the marketplace. Instead, we will learn to use our purchases and savings to invest directly in the strategic resources, networks and communities that we and our families need and wish to preserve for future generations.

We do this by making a personal commitment to come clean and act strategically with our money. We do this by joining with trusted friends and neighbors in Solari Circles to learn how and take action together, and to begin pooling our savings into financially intimate investments. And, when there is sufficient support from local business leaders and citizens, we arrange for the formation of a local Solari Venture Fund for our neighborhood. Through such efforts we can build a new investment model in which we share incentives to reduce consumption, heal and respect the environment, collaborate effectively and live in peace.

An Invitation
Please join the Solari Action Network by signing up for e-mail announcements on our home page. We are a network of thousands of people in North America and around the world who are connecting through the grassroots and the Internet to take action to raise the "popsicle index" in our neighborhoods in a way that decentralizes our economy and enhances personal and global wealth. Read about our Solari Circles and consider "Coming Clean," starting or joining a Solari Circle, or a Solari Venture Fund in your area. On the risk management side, learn about the real deal on the tapeworm economy. Learn what all this means to your family, networks and community and what you can do about it.

There is hope! We can do this! A new world is more than possible -- it's happening. Let's work together to emerge the excellence that makes it worthy of our own investment.

Blessings coming your way,
-- Catherine Austin Fitts

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