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By Catherine Austin Fitts

In the last two weeks of each December, we revisit the very best Solari Reports of the year.

This is an opportunity for new subscribers to discover some of the finest Solari Reports published this year. For existing subscribers, it helps you to make sure you don’t miss the materials that we build on for our 2017 Annual Wrap Up which we will publish in January 2018.

This week on The Solari Report, we look back at our Annual and Quarterly Wrap Ups for 2017.

  • January: 2016 Annual Wrap Up: The Global Harvest & What It Means to Investors
  • April: 1st Quarter 2017 Wrap Up: The Clash of Civilization: Can a new administration preserve a prosperous economy without more debt, crime and war?
  • July: 2nd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up: Enforce the Constitution or You Might as Well Kiss Your Money Goodbye!
  • October: 3rd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up: Control 101: What it is. How it’s used. How you can guard against it.


In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest financial and geopolitical news. On the top of my list are the latest on US tax reform and the astonishing breakthrough developments in the Bundy prosecution and what it may mean to the Uranium One scandal and the 2018 elections.

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Homemade broth, of course, is a whole food product. It’s a slow food, whole food, and real food that has been nourishing and healing people for tens of thousands of years.” ~ Sally Fallon Morell, Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This is one of my favorite interviews of 2017!

Harry Blazer had the opportunity to interview Sally Fallon Morrell, Co-founder and President of the Weston A Price Foundation, at the annual conference in Minneapolis in November.

By preserving and building on the pioneering legacy of Dr. Weston Price, Sally and the Foundation have made a priceless contribution to our understanding of nutrition and health.  In this interview, Sally and Harry describe the many Foundation accomplishments as well as resources available on the Foundation website. You can start with the brochure here to learn more.

I regularly recommend that subscribers seek out the local Weston A. Price Foundation chapters to find wonderful co-conspirators in your neighborhood. Eating truly fresh, nutritious food is a Revolutionary act. Creating a local constituency to support farmers and ranchers and the restaurants, markets and grocers who buy from them is a very Revolutionary act.

I have been a Weston A. Price Foundation member for many years. Both the Foundation and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund that Sally also helped start have been honored as Solari Holiday Greetings donations. Sally joined me on the Solari Report in 2011.

Harry and Sally also discuss Sally’s new book Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness, the fifth book in her Nourishing Traditions series of books and cookbooks

As Christmas and the New Year approach, listening to two people who so love to spread health and vitality will inspire you to embrace the opportunity for nourishing community, family, and fellowship over delicious meals during the holiday season.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review this report on the 1932-1942 Pottenger Cat Study by Dr. Weston Price colleague Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. The result of this study and what is says about pasteurization and its impact on living animals is critical information to understand our current health system, the vitality available with raw foods and the intergenerational damage resulting from poor diets.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss Congressional reconciliation of Senate and House tax reform bills, next weeks Fed meeting as well as a roundup of global markets. Please e-mail or post your questions for Ask Catherine

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By Your Culture Scout

Reading news in the morning and then political or financial commentaries in the afternoon can effectively keep you depressed all day long. So, to cheer everyone up for the holidays, we are offering a list of movies to check out whenever you really feel down, and need a couple of hours of distraction.

The first requirement was some sort of a happy ending — The aliens get chased away, the village is saved, the diamonds are found, the president gets impeached. You get the drift. These are the films to make you feel good, no matter the story. Pure escapism.

The second requirement was artistic quality – A perfect script, smart jokes, and superb acting, stunts and choreography. We chose mostly older movies, since they are more likely to have been forgotten by now. Many titles on this list are the best films of their decade: sometimes foreign, often award-winners, and mostly directed by filmmakers who are considered masters. Low-brow comedies and violent gore were excluded, no matter how successful they were.

This is the Food for the Soul section, and we are going for upscale entertainment here, folks. This list is different from what a typical fan-list would be, but we are reaching for a bit of intellectual snobbery here, while still having all the fun.


Will Smith wakes up to an alien ship the size of a mountain range landing behind his house in Los Angeles. Things go wild from there. Jeff Goldblum has to get to the White House in time to tell the President how to disable an alien ship, Area 51 turns out to be everything we thought it was, and Smith says “Welcome to Earth” after slugging a slimy ET. This is how disaster movies should be made, and usually aren’t. An absolute masterpiece, and a guaranteed distraction.

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