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“A trade war would be a disaster for the world. It’s very easy to slip into a trade war.” ~Jack Ma

By Catherine Austin FItts

The “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” rocketed through the US Congress at record speed in July, imposing sanctions on Iran, North Korea, and Russia. Faced with a veto override, an unhappy President Trump signed it into law on August 2, 2017.

The response was swift. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker threatened retaliation. The German Minister for Economics and Energy, Brigitte Zypries, declared the sanctions illegal and urged the EU to take counter-measures. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that the law had ended the possibility of improving U.S.–Russian relations and signaled “an all-out trade war with Russia.”

What happened to the US policy of maintaining global balance by preventing a close alliance between Germany, Russia, and China? The policy appears set in reverse now, to ensure an escalating trade war. One alleged FBI whistleblower recently said of Mrs Clinton’s desire for war with Russia, “She wants war with Russia because that is what her donations bought.”

Has the entire US Congress been bought minus the two senators and three congressman who voted against the Sanctions Act? Can the bankers and the military-industrial complex order a war with their control files and campaign contributions the way you and I order take-out pizzas? It would appear so.

To help answer that question, I invited former Georgia Congressman, Dr. Cynthia McKinney, to return to the Solari Report to discuss the Sanctions Act and the unprecedented process that it was passed into law. This Thursday we will also publish to the public Dr. McKinney’s extraordinary interview on the US Constitution in the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up as well as my discussion on how we might organize to enforce it.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I encourage you to watch Charles Ferguson’s “No End in Sight” on America’s first two years of occupation in Iraq and the intentional engineering of the country’s descent into lawlessness and guerilla warfare. In many conversations in recent months, I find myself recommending this documentary to Americans who do not yet understand how regime change often brings intentional and systematic destruction of civilization.

In Money & Markets, I will review the high pressure on the US Congress given their heavy calendar in the fall – the debt limit, a new budget and tax reform. All of these issues are experiencing the financials pressures resulting from  the unprecedented disappearance of US government monies.

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From the transcript:

Twenty years ago, I made a decision. I had to choose between my wealth and social position and my core principles. I had to decide which was more important to me – to remain a member of the establishment or to refuse to be a party to genocide; to choose individual sovereignty or high-paid slavery. I think of that decision often these days as I watch the American people individually and collectively approach a similar decision point.

I made my choice early. Now, everyone who has not made that choice will be forced to make it. The middle of the road is disappearing. Each of us will have to choose and, hopefully, defend our individual sovereignty and the sovereignty and rights of those around us. The alternative is to watch our federal government and our military engage in an acceleration of global war and profiteering. The private companies and investors who currently exercise control over our government are using it to operate violently and above the law. Global surveillance and the ability to murder with impunity is the real source of inequality.Our risks of high-tech slavery, poverty, or death are rising as state and local governments write down pension funds and write off essential services such as functioning water and sewer systems.


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” ~Ludwig van Beethoven

By Catherine Austin Fitts

My job is to help people understand what is happening in this world – and to use that knowledge to help us have a free and inspired life. One of the benefits is that I get to take some great working vacations.

This summer’s working vacation started in August at the Santa Fe Opera where I saw Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II. I was reminded that I have lost too much inner frivolity and need to get it back.

I then headed to Europe, returning to Lake Constance for the Bregenz Festival and a spectacular production of Bizet’s Carmen on the famous floating stage. It will be held over in 2018, so there is still time for you to see it!

Today, I drove with friends by car through the alps to Verona, Italy. The churches have a concert series: Concerti Dell’Assunta 2017.  This evening we attended the second in the series – the pipe organ concert at Chiesa di S. Fermo. As we waited on the church steps for the concert to start, I told them stories of the amazing success of the crowdfund for Dr. Farrell’s pipe organ.  Here is a concert from Concerti Dell’Assunta 2016.

Tomorrow night we head for the arena in Verona to see Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  There is no public video of this production yet, so check out my favorite Beethoven flashmob of the Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony performed in Spain in 2012.

But wait – there’s more! A year of such beautiful music would not be complete without my old haunt, the Metropolitan Opera in New York. I have tickets for Les Contes d’Hoffmann and La Bohème in October.

If you are interested in trying opera, the Metropolitan transmits to over 2,000 theaters in 70 countries.  Can’t hurt to try – after all, it is a free and inspired life!