By Bob Bryan, Business Insider

It’s easy to think that the stock market is the playground of hedge funds and day traders, but in reality most of the stock market is owned by the average joe.

In fact, the largest chunk is doing one thing: helping people retire.

In a white paper, Steven Rosenthal and Lydia Austin of the Tax Policy Center have broken out exactly which kind of investors own the stock market. They found that a majority of corporate stock is owned by different types of retirement plans, the largest being IRAs and defined-benefit plans.

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Where to Stash Cash In 2016

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From the transcript:

Catherine Austin Fitts: So automation is no longer coming; it’s here. It’s happening every day. I think you can feel it. Every place and every industry is different, but automation is going to accelerate. I really wonder how much is feeding into the frustration that you’re seeing in the campaign.

Dr. Joseph Farrell: I think a lot of it is feeding into the campaign. I can only stand listening to so much of the current American political debate – maybe two minutes and then I have to turn it off. But when you listen to these candidates, without exception, all of them are living in Global 2.0.

They have not a clue of what is coming down the pike. And so, they have absolutely no solutions. They are so disconnected from people that none of them is really tapping into the fact of economic divergence. Maybe the closest is Bernie Sanders, but I don’t think even he gets it.

No one is addressing the issue of changing technology. No one is addressing the financial repercussions this technology will have. The candidates are all living in yesteryear; not a one of them has a clue.


Sydney Opera House_325x241
 “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth; and God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful all and multiply” ~ Raphael’s recital from “The Creation”

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last year when I came to Australia I heard the Creation stories of the Aborginal people.

Last night in Sydney, I had the opportunity to hear Haydn’s magnificent oratorio, The Creation, performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Billed as one of Haydn’s crowning achievements, The Creation, combines the voices of angels Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel with chorus and orchestra to tell of the creation of heaven and earth in six days and the story of Adam and Eve.

Every time I come to the Sydney Opera House, it does not leave my bucket list – it just moves higher and so I return again.

Can life possibly be this wonderful? Yes it can!

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Sydney Opera House


“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” ~Charles M. Schulz

By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of the reasons I loved living in New York was working out with the greatest personal trainers. While in Sydney, ally and entrepreneur Jason Bawden-Smith brought me along for training with Ryan Barraclough. All I can say is WOW! Sydney wins. See for yourself.

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Solari Report – Feb 10, 2016