“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”
~ John F. Kennedy

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Former CIA Director George H. W. Bush was quoted recently as saying “Americans can’t handle the truth.”  We disagree. The Solari Report team knows you can handle the truth. In our next Solari Report, we offer you a powerful discussion with one of the most courageous truth-tellers in our midst as he explains one of the most important truths to help you understand how the world works today.

David Talbot is the founder, former CEO and editor-in-chief of Salon magazine. Since leaving Salon, he has continued writing and publishing most notably on the Kennedy administration and assassination. His latest book, The Devil’s Chessboard, a biography of CIA Director Allen Dulles, was published in 2015, seven years after Talbot published Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years.

Who arranged the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963? Was it a lone gunman? Was it the Russians? Was it Fidel Castro? How about the Mob? Every lame explanation of that day has ultimately failed.

It was the Establishment that killed Kennedy — with Allen Dulles and the CIA at the very heart of organizing, executing and covering up the assassination. The conspiracy involved the full breadth of the “deep state” — segments of the military, the FBI, the Secret Service (and their boss, the Secretary of the Treasury) and the banking and investment centers in New York and Boston.

Once you digest the facts that Talbot lays out, you will never look at the US Establishment in quite the same way. Indeed, I asked one of my most astute allies to read the book. Weeks after finishing it he remarked, “You know, I look at the world differently now.” To which I responded, “Why, you already knew that the Establishment killed Kennedy.” He replied, “It is one thing to believe it. It is quite another to finally learn the facts.”

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Good Shepard, a fictional account of the birth and growth of CIA counterintelligence. It tells the story of the culture and mentality that fostered the covert side of our world.

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“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”
~ The Buddha

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The divine intelligence is a great power, as is the human spirit and all of life. To unleash this power in our lives requires overcoming the man-made obstacles placed in our paths by mind control — in all its various forms.

How do we free ourselves from mind control manipulation and programming? The first step is knowing that these techniques and technologies exist. Next, we learn what we can about how mind control works. In the process, our understanding of the impact that mind control has on our lives and on society around us grows. Finally, we can choose to take steps to free ourselves while living in a society where many choose not to do the same.

One way of learning about mind control in all its aspects is to unpack what Hollywood tells us. This week on the Solari Report, Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis joins me to review twelve movies that teach us a great deal about mind control and related technologies. I met Jay at Secret Space Program 2015 where he wowed us with his presentation on what Hollywood says about secret space programs. Jay’s mastery of cinema and the “deep state” is unique. You can view links to his reviews of the movies we’ll discuss this week below.

There will be no Money & Markets segment this week. I look forward to answering your questions and comments and reporting on our subscriber luncheon in New York with Richard Dolan in Money & Markets the following week.

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Jay’s Movie Reviews for Films We Discuss in this Solari Report:

Additional Movies We Discuss in this Report:

  • The Bourne Trilogy
  • They Live

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“I know there are a lot of folks that are frozen in the headlights right now not knowing what to do. It’s never easy to switch one’s opinion that may have been in place for literally years. The chartology is strongly suggesting that a change is taking place right here and now not because of what some analysis is saying but it’s what the charts are saying that matters the most.”
~ Rambus Chartology

Rambus is the online “handle” of the proprietor of Rambus Chartology, my “go to” site for technical analysis. Rambus joins us this week for his quarterly Blockbuster Chartology.

In this week’s report, Rambus will review global charts (in written form) including updates on the dollar, gold and the equity markets. In Money & Markets, I will address numerous questions inspired by the charts.

Our January report from Rambus – Are We In in a Deflationary Spiral? – is excellent background as well as our financial round up from the 1st Quarter Wrap Up.

Reviewing these charts is one of my preferred methods for mapping out money flows on Planet Earth. It provides a powerful perspective on prices and relative relationships between sectors across all markets.

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Talk to you Thursday!

Enjoy our new Just a Taste video. As the Rambus interview is written, we are highlighting our discussion with Dr. Farrell in last week’s 1st Quarter Wrap Up. You don’t want to miss it!

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Where to Stash Cash In 2016

“I am not so much concerned with the return on capital as I am with the return of capital.”
~ Will Rogers

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our theme for the 2016 1st Quarter Wrap Up is “Where to Stash Your Cash in 2016.”

Interest rates continue to stay low and concerns are growing that negative interest rates in European and Japanese sovereign markets may spread to North America. Concerns are also growing about the integrity of the financial system and the digital systems that payment and transactions use.

What does this mean to me and you? How do you ensure that you are with a trustworthy custodian? How do you ensure that your principal is protected? How do you achieve some return on your deposits or cash equivalent assets without taking a lot of risk? For numerous reasons, this is a good time to step back and review your cash management options.

The 1st Quarter Wrap Up comes with both audio and web presentations in four sections:

  • Introduction – I will present a brief overview of the economy and markets for 1st Q 2016.
  • Theme – Where to Stash Your Cash in 2016.
  • News Trends and Stories –  Dr. Joseph Farrell will join me for a in-depth discussion of the top news trends and stories.
  • Financial Presentations – In this quarter I am combining the Q1 Equity Overview with the Quarterly Wrap Up, so we will cover the market charts in a single, integrated presentation.

We will pick up on numerous themes from earlier wrap up’s, including:

If you have not yet read the prior annual and quarterly Wrap Up’s, they offer great background material for these and other Solari Reports.

Later this month we will publish a PDF transcript and an online flipbook for Solari Report subscribers. In early May, a hard-copy version of the Q1 Wrap Up will be available for purchase by subscribers at the Solari Store.

Look for the web presentation on the evening of April 14th. We hope you enjoy it!

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