In recent years there have been methods developed to decentralize investing. We take a close look at crowdfunding, the legal issues and dangers involved, and how to approach it as an entrepreneur. Crowdfunding is an important step forward in supporting both small and large efforts for the individual and groups alike.

This Solari Special Report includes legal pathways to help navigate these new developments.


As we look over the fiscal cliff into our financial abyss, now is a good time to “Come Clean” about the real state of our lives, our communities, and our economy, starting with the U.S. federal finances that flow deeply and intimately throughout every aspect of our lives.

This Solari Special Report includes (22) challenges we must address to put our federal fiscal house in order.


What do the Pros Really Think about the Market
Humble Student of the Market | 21 October 2014
I was reviewing a few “institutional” manager polls…

Forex-Rigging Fines Could Hit $41 Billion Globally: Citi
Bloomberg | 21 October 2014
Citigroup is the biggest player in the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign-exchange market…

UBS Preparing to Delist Stock
Armstrong Economics | 29 September 2014
Foreign banks are targeted to allow the government to pretend…

India Set to Become $2 Trillion Economy This Year
The Times of India | 19 October 2014
India is poised to become a $2 trillion economy this year…

The Dow Theory
Financial Perspectives | 19 October 2014
As I sit getting ready for my exam, one of the areas I will be tested on is the Dow Theory…

Apple Pay Rolls Out, with Holes in the System
MarketWatch | 20 October 2014
Starting Monday, Apple Inc. will… add a wallet to it’s iPhones…

Japan’s Public Pension Fund to Lift Ratio of Domestic Stocks
Nikkei Asian Review | 18 October 2014
Cutting its weighting of Japanese government bonds from the current 60%…

Top In Private Equity: Texas Teacher Retirement System
HedgeCo.Net | 16 October 2014
Private equity is the best performing asset class for pension funds…

State Pension Gaps Shrink for First Time Since 2007
Bloomberg | 09 October 2014
The rating agencies have certainly incorporated pension liabilities…

Response to Moody’s: US State and Local Government Pensions…
NASRA | 08 October 2014
The report also misrepresents or misstates salient facts…

Pension-related Cases being Heard by the Supreme Court
Business Insurance | 13 October 2014
If the Supreme Court discourages investors from taking registration disclosures…


First Swiss Gold Poll Shows Pro-Gold Side In Lead At 45%
ZeroHege | 21 October 2014
The Swiss people will vote in the “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative on November 30th…


IMF Finds Flaw in Bond Industry as Exiting Mutual Funds Is Too Easy
Bloomberg | 22 October 2014
They say regulators should consider new policies to prevent a mass exodus…

Mortgage Applications in U.S. Jump 11.6% as Refinancing Surges
Bloomberg | 22 October 2014
Mortgage applications in the U.S. soared last week as a plunge…

FHFA Said to Plan Steps to Ease Lending to Riskier Buyers
Bloomberg | 17 October 2014
The initiatives include a consensus on when defaulted loans are so flawed that lenders…

Fannie, Freddie near Deal that Could Boost Mortgage Lending
Originator Times | 17 October 2014
Lenders have blamed those penalties for tight credit

U.S. Renters “Financially Fragile”
Squared Away Blog | 16 October 2014
Things got markedly worse for renters after the Great Recession…


Edward Snowden and the Golden Age of Spying
Common Dreams | 20 October 2014
The only crime for which those inside the national security state can be held accountable …whistleblowing…

Total CEO de Margerie killed in Moscow as jet hits snow plow
Reuters | 21 October 2014
De Margerie was a staunch defender of Russia and its energy policies…

Russia Rating Cut by Moody’s on Sluggish Economic Growth
Bloomberg | 20 October 2014
“The gradual and ongoing erosion of the country’s international reserve buffer”…

Japanese PM Abe Suffers Setback as Two Ministers Quit
Bloomberg | 20 October 2014
Further resignations could raise doubts about Abe’s own future…

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs
Armstrong Economics | 19 October 2014
I’m delighted he has accepted…

Sweden Says Credible Reports of Foreign Submarine in its Waters
Reuters | 19 October 2014
The sightings had taken place in “an area that is of interest…


US, Japan to Bolster Space Cooperation over Chinese Threat
RT | 22 October 2014
The space surveillance functions will be conducted by a special unit…

Partial Sunset Eclipse Thursday Evening
Shadow & Substance | October 2014
A partial eclipse of the sun will occur on October 23, 2014 which can be seen from…

Protect Yourself from RFID: Frightening Tracking Tech
eHow | 20 October 2014
It’s not easy to avoid RFID, since tags can be…

Updated: Are Old Secrets Behind Lockheed’s New Fusion Machine?
ScienceMag | 17 October 2014
Being able to build such a small and presumably cheap reactor would be world-changing…

Bitcoin Services Forced to Spy on Users?
Electronic Frontier Foundation | 2014
The State of New York has proposed BitLicense, a sprawling regulatory…


Nigeria declared Ebola-free, holds lessons for others
Fox News | 21 October 2014
Lagos, the commercial hub of Africa’s most populous nation, largest economy and leading energy produce…

U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Global Research | 17 October 2014
DoD is funding Ebola trials on humans…


Woman Goes to Jail for Not Mowing Lawn
Yahoo | 17 October 2014
The judge says he could add more jail time if the city isn’t satisfied…

Pema Chödrön
Oprah | 19 October 2014
Uplifting conversation about her spiritual journey and how we…

Controlling the American Mind: The Viral Liturgical Psychodrama
21st Century Wire | 20 October 2014
One must be ever-mindful of the overall designs of mass media…

Prepare Your Children for a “Lifetime of Surveillance”
Diane Ravitch’s Blog | 18 October 2014
Investors have poured billions of dollars into new technologies to track…