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“Yet it must also be recognized that nuclear energy, biotechnology, information technology; knowledge of our DNA, and many other abilities, which we have acquired, have…given those with the knowledge, and especially the economic resources to use them, an impressive dominance over the whole of humanity and the entire world….In whose hands does all this power lie, or will it eventually end up? It is risky for a small part of humanity to have it.” (p.77)
~ Pope Francis

By Catherine Austin Fitts

A Papal Encyclical is a letter concerning Catholic doctrine which is circulated by the Pope. This week, Pope Francis published a new Encyclical: Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis – Care for Our Common Home.

The 180+ page document sounds the alarm regarding the global degradation of living things: people, animals and our environment.

If this document had been authored by a professor of theology, there would be much room for common ground. However, it has been written by the leader of an institution which has been the single most powerful in the Western world for the last 500 years – a period during which the central banking-warfare model has been busy harvesting our common home.

There is a profound disassociation from the nuts-and-bolts of what the Catholic Church (and its networks and investment syndicates) have been doing and the sources of their wealth. This Encyclical is, if you will, a concept piece independent of the financial and political realities of the Vatican, the Catholic Church and its allies.

Assuming that Pope Francis first and foremost addressed the Encyclical to bishops, patriarchs, primates, archbishops as well as to the general population, I would like to propose several steps which the Pope, the Vatican and the leadership of the Catholic Church (collectively, the “Church”) might take to integrate some of the best ideas in this document into the power lines controlled and influenced by the Church.

  1. Disclosure

The world is struggling with propaganda, disinformation, and significant suppression of the truth.  The new Pope’s efforts to provide digital access to works in the Vatican Library on a selective basis are a good start. In the meantime, there is a great deal of knowledge which the Church, its libraries and networks can share:

  • The Church can accelerate access to both the Vatican Library and Archives.
  • The Church can publish all its information regarding global “black budgets.” This would include any information related to invisible weaponry and technology driving the real governance systems operating on Planet Earth.
  • In the context of understanding what is happening to our environment, the Church can publish all its information on global geo-engineering and weather control programs as part of an open discussion to ensure that the global population and scientific community has accurate data on what is happening to our climate.
  • The Church can provide open access to its financial information and persuade its affiliates, endowments and churches to do the same, including detailed disclosure on a place-based basis.
  • The Church can encourage global governments to publish their budgets and credit information on a place-based basis. Place-based financial disclosure will permit the alignment of financial ecosystems with environmental ecosystems – a critical step to ensuring a healthy environment. This will create incentive systems which reward the health and well-being of all living things.
  • The Church can disclose all information on its direct and indirect involvement in any illegal activities, including vote rigging, narcotics trafficking, and money laundering.
  • The Church can use its shareholdings and ownership positions in media companies to insist on integrity in public information.
  • The Church can use its shareholdings in pharmaceutical and food companies to insist on integrity and independence of scientific research.
  • The Church can provide a safe haven for scientists, journalists and other professionals who are targeted for upholding high standards of integrity in science and information.
  1. Individual Freedom

Slavery contributes significantly to the degradation of people throughout our planet.

  • The Church can withdraw from supporting governments, corporations or any other organizations that support any form of slavery.
  • The Church can destroy the “control files” of prominent businessmen and politicians created through the use of its networks.
  • The Church can complete restoration efforts related to its pedophilia activities and publish complete figures on how much the Church has spent on all restoration efforts.
  • The Church can use its shareholdings and ownership positions in government and corporate securities to insist on a withdrawal of corporate and government support for mind control, torture and slavery and the compromise of individual privacy and sovereignty.
  1. Organized Crime & Lawlessness

The primary source of environmental damage does not result from market economics – quite the opposite. It results from the lethal combination of organized crime operating powerful and invisible weaponry coupled with invasive digital systems and sophisticated financial tools on scale. In short, those with the ability to kill, to destroy and to steal with impunity combine such force with fiat currencies, unsustainable debt, resource extraction, financial fraud, war and genocide in order to centralize wealth and power in a manner which shrinks total wealth.

Lawlessness on a global scale must be dealt with before it destroys our planet.

  • The Church can divest its holdings in governments and corporations which engage in these practices. It should encourage its affiliates and members to do the same.
  • The Church can also disassociate from foundations and not-for-profits that engage in these practices or that launder profits for those who do.
  • The Church can make clear that the ten commandments apply not just to what we do, but to whom and what we finance.
  • The Church can stop any and all participation by itself and its networks in narcotics trafficking and disgorge the profits of the same to the people harmed.
  1. Debt & Fiat Currency

No less than The Economist has rightly pointed out that we are chocking on debt, in part because we provide enormous tax subsidies which encourage debt (see The Great Distortion). Debt throws people out of alignment with one another and with the environment around them. Ditto fiat currency which is used in a manner to debase global populations and economies.

We must shift to an equity-based financial system which facilitates the free flow of equity unencumbered by the intervention and control of organized crime. An equity-based system – which includes the financing of small businesses, small farms and local economies with equity – will permit us to evolve a financial system in which we can generate wealth from healing our environment and reducing consumption.

  • The Church can encourage these changes by shifting the significant funds it manages as well as those managed by its networks.
  • The Church can encourage governments to reduce laws and regulations that prevent the local circulation of equity or that prevent the creation and success of local currency systems.
  1. Sovereignty is Sacred

A global culture is one which respects the sovereignty of every individual. We respect human rights. We respect property rights. We respect privacy. We respect the right of each human being to make up their own mind.

  • The Church can withdraw its investments from all governments and corporations (including media) which compromise people’s privacy or which manipulate them via mind control techniques, entrainment technology, subliminal programming or electronics.
  • The Church can actively encourage its priests and networks to bring transparency to mind control techniques or any efforts to mislead people globally.
  • The Church can offer sanctuary to scientists, government personnel or journalists who bring transparency to these efforts.
  1. Capitalism: Let’s Try It

Before we dismiss capitalism, we should try it.

Organized crime is not capitalism. It is the application of force to control and to get one’s way. Market economics can solve many of the problems before us – but we have to unleash markets to work rather than prevent them from operating and then blaming the subsequent “mess” on them.

  • The Church can call for all monies stolen by illegal means in the last two decades to be returned, including trillions which have disappeared from the US government or which have been accrued as a result of financial frauds prior to the bailouts.
  • The Church can refrain from blaming our current situation on the people who have been harmed by these thefts or from insisting that the subsequent economic damage is a result of the victims’ poor values or “consumerism.”
  • The Church can withdraw its investment from financial institutions, governments and corporations that:
    • Engage in market rigging and intervention.
    • Provide unlawful or unethical support to cartels and monopolies.
    • Engage in the purposeful suppression of technologies which would ease the harm we are doing to the environment.

The Church and its affiliates and members manage trillions in real estate and financial assets. As one of the most significant capitalist organizations/investment networks on our planet, it can institute policies to ensure that it does not invest in companies or governments which behave in the manner described in the latest Encyclical and that its real estate is not used to support such activities.

During Vatican II, the Church forced the sale of significant real estate holdings which were serving communities. The proceeds from these sales were reinvested in corporate securities. The Church can ensure that the Orders for whom these funds are managed have access to full transparency about these investments and are permitted to institute policies which ensure that these investments are managed in accordance with the goals of this Encyclical.

  1. War

Published global military expenditures were $1.7 trillion in 2013. Add secret black budget expenditures and the total was likely much more. These funds – combined with savings from destructive behavior such as gambling, narcotics and alcohol – could be shifted into investment in healing our environment, our education systems, our health care systems and revitalizing global infrastructure.

  • The Church can bring transparency to all worldwide resources which are related to killing. It can invite its members to pray that these resources be shifted to investments which increase productivity rather than enable a small group of people to own and control the planet.
  1. Invite Feedback

Both the Church and our planet are dynamic living systems. Moving to a healthy global culture and aligning our financial ecosystems with our environmental ecosystems is a journey.

  • The Church can encourage its entire network to adopt these goals in their lives so that achieving them is a partnership of the many for the benefit of all.
  • The Church can publish an annual report on its efforts to take responsibility and to achieve these goals internally in its own operations, asset managements and investments and to invite feedback from all of its constituents to help it do so.

9. Wise as a Serpent

There is often a risk that any important policy will be misunderstood or misused by those who are centralizing control and power. The G-7 nations have experienced a financial coup d’etat.  A great deal of money and assets have been shifted out of sovereign governments into private hands – either illegally or under the guise of trillions in bailouts and quantitative easing – while liabilities have been shifted back into governments.

Now that these transfers are complete, it would be convenient to blame the victims and to abrogate their pensions and other savings plans and promises. It would be unfortunate if this Encyclical were used to justify the value of doing so in the name of “reducing consumerism” or to politically outmaneuver the victims by accusing them of being “selfish.”

Economies function on trust and such trust must come from honoring our agreements. As Pope Francis understands, it is easy to blame the victim and to take from the powerless.

Utah Phillips once said, “The Planet is not dying, it is being killed. And the people doing the killing have names and addresses.”

We commend the Pope for calling out for a cessation of the debasement of all living things. Let us hope that his latest Encyclical starts ringing doorbells – beginning with the opportunity to do so in the Church and in the Church’s asset and investment portfolios.


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