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Puerto Rico Faces “Public Unrest” As Cash Crunch May Leave Government Workers Unpaid
Zero Hedge | 20 November 2015
Senate judiciary…December 1 to discuss…

The Future of Energy
McKinsey | 01 November 2015
Out, the shale-gas boom, and the most promising…

Pfizer and Allergan Merge in $160B Tax Inversion Deal
USA Today | 23 November 2015
U.S. company reincorporates in…

Barclays Bets on Stock Boom as World Money Growth Soars
Telegraph | 22 November 2015
After the last three US tightening cycles…

Oil Companies Brace for Big Wave of Debt Defaults
Yahoo Finance | 21 November 2015
More collateral to…

Market Will Be Defanged
The Burning Platform | 22 November 2015
Luring more muppets into…

Fed To Hold An “Expedited, Closed” Meeting On Monday
Zero Hedge | 20 November 2015
Review and determination….of the advance…

UnitedHealth Suggests Obamacare is Being Gamed
Market Watch | 19 November 2015
More susceptible to…

Finland’s Depression is the Final Indictment of Europe’s Monetary Union
Telegraph | 18 November 2015
Prime exhibit of…

Air Wick Captures the Scents of Individual Homes for the Seniors Who Are Leaving Them
Ad Week | 10 November 2015
Painful for older…

Your Health Plan Will Now Self-Destruct
Bloomberg | 29 October 2015
Ten Obamacare health insurance co-ops have…

Floating City Apps: A Lifeline for Slums
Bloomberg | 17 September 2015
But you need to have a…

Build an Investment Portfolio, One Dime at a Time
CNBC | 04 December 2014
Completely paralyzed…


Q&A with Adm. Michelle Howard, Vice Chief of Naval Operations (Vide0)
C-Span | 15 October 2012
Whether or not we really understand the risk…

Drones, IBM, and the Big Data of Death
The Intercept | 23 October November 2015
Study designed to be a weapon in…

The Drone Papers
The Intercept | 15 October 2015
Series: Cache of secret…

Putin Calls Jet’s Downing ‘Stab in the Back’; Turkey Says Warning Ignored
CNN | 24 November 2015
ISIS isn’t present at…

Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation
Paul Craig Roberts | 24 November 2015
Technology shuts down the communication…

Donald Trump’s Horrifying Words about Muslims
CNN | 21 November 2015
Consider requiring Muslim-Americans to register…

Law Enforcement Took more Stuff from People than Burglars did Last Year
Washington Post | 23 November 2015
Dollar value of assets…

‘You’re a Virus, We’re the Cure’: Anonymous Takes Down 20,000 ISIS Twitter Accounts
Russia Insider | 23 November 2015
Delivering a statement…realize that social media…

U.S. Senator to President al-Assad: War on Syria was an Unlawful War of Aggression
SANA | 17 November 2015
2001, Western powers had developed plans to…

Uncertain Journeys
NY Times | 21 November 2015
Society that we are so protective of is built on the will…

US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop “Illegal” War On Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop (Video)
Zero Hedge | 21 November 2015
Tulsi’s understanding…goes far beyond…

U.S. and Chinese Troops Connect in First-ever Exchange at JBLM
The News Tribune | 20 November 2015
Contributes to…

House Passes Bill to Overhaul the Fed
The Hill | 19 November 2015
Morphed into our central…

Terrorist Alert: U.S. State Dept Warns Americans Abroad to Steer Clear of Vatican
Breitbart | 19 November 2015
Real and objective,”…“but it…

Honest Reporter Just Destroyed Fake News on Paris, ISIS and the NWO! Wow! (Video)
Live Leak | 16 November 2015
Coercive engineered migration is going to…

ISIS Wants to Destroy the ‘Grey Zone’. Here’s How We Defend It
Open Democracy | 16 November 2015
By deteriorating conditions of life for…

Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #2 What’s wrong with
James Fetzer | 15 November 2015
Appears to have struck…

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (Free ebook)
Rense | 15 November 2015
It was a FEMA Drill to Promote…Banned by Amazon…

Police Chases Kill more People Each Year than Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Lightning — Combined
Washington Post | 25 July 2015
Response to a non-violent…