Average Premiums for Popular ACA Plans Rising 25 Percent
Washington Post | 24 October 2016
Tax credits…

Obamacare Premiums to Go Up by Double Digits
McClatchy DC | 24 October 2016
Spike in average…

Proposed Rules Would Kill Texas’ Medical Marijuana Program Before It Begins!
Texas Normal | 24 October 2016
Action Alert…

Native Hawaiian Candidates Vie To Oust Pro-GMO Maui Council Incumbents In Historic Election
Huffington Post | 22 October 2016
World’s epicenter…

Australian Nurses Who Spread Anti-vaccination Messages Face Prosecution
Guardian | 20 October 2016
Report nurses…


The CDC Shockingly ASKS Us To Tell Them What Is Wrong With the MMR Vaccine
Adventures In Autism | 18 October 2016
Read the full letter…

Spider Bites CDC
Huffington Post | 17 October 2016
Preserving Integrity, Diligence and…

The DEA Is Reversing Decision To Ban Kratom
Town Hall | 16 October 2016
Off of opioid…

Florida IDs New Miami Neighborhood as Zika Zone
CBS News | 14 October 2016
Not yet at…

An Investigation of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and AIDS
David Pratt | 22 October 2016
Fear viruses, yet scientists…

Our Very Existence Depends on Soil, so Why Is It Not Protected?
Euractiv | 12 September 2016
Sate of their soils…

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD ~ Iodine and Fibrocystic Breast Disease
YouTube | 21 February 2016
Continue to do these treatments and it will be gone…


Ending a Century of Ecocide and Genocide, Seeding Earth Democracy
Common Dreams | 12 October 2016
To regain control of their food…

Toxic Air Pollution Nanoparticles Discovered in the Human Brain – Professor Barbara Maher Explains

YouTube | 06 September2016
Cause of…

More Than 1 Million to Lose Obamacare Plans as Insurers Quit
Bloomberg | 14 October 2016
Largely caused by…

National Vaccine Information Center Calls U.S. Proposal to Apprehend and Involuntarily Quarantine Travelers for Rashes and Cough A “Violation of Civil Liberties”
EON | 13 October 2016
Until Oct. 14, 2016 to…

Why Millions of Gallons of Milk Are Being Thrown Out
Time | 12 October 2016
Problems are two-fold…

ADHD: Investigative Journalist Alan Schwarz Sounds the Alarm
Scientific American | 11 October 2016
Two thirds of the children…

The GMO Scrapbook: Not to Worry! We Have Robobees!
Giza Death Star | 11 October 2016

Zika Money Could Take Months to Get to States
Governing | 05 October 2016
Developing centers of…

Blockchain Technology Trialled to Tackle Slavery in the Fishing Industry
Guardian | 07 September 2016
UK-based company Provenance…


Obamacare Meltdowns And Fixes
KHN | 06 October 2016
Ground zero…

Anthrax Vaccine to Military: Military Whistleblower
Vaccine Liberation Army | 26 September 2016

| 26 September 2016
“Told to keep our”…”Clean the rec…”

The Urban Farming Guys: Farmin in the Hood 2
UFG | 03 October 2016

YouTube | 23 December 2014/span>
Inspirational, Priorities…

German Lawmakers Oppose Bayer-Monsanto Deal
Ag Web | 27 September 2016
Bridge loan from…