Bombshell: CDC Destroyed Vaccine Documents, Congressman Reveals
Jun Rappoport| 31 July 2015
High-ranking executives at the CDC in…

Weston Price Foundation- UGENT ACTION ALERT
CDC Destroyed Documents to Conceal MMR-Autism Cover Up
Request Investigation and Subpoena CDC Whistleblower William Thompson to Testify Before Congress
Solari Blog: Catherine’s Commentary | 30 July 2015
I regret that my co-authors and I…

Providing High Quality Care at Affordable Prices
Surgery Center OKlahoma | 2015
Actual price you will pay…

Opternative Launches Online Eye Exams, so You Can Get a Prescription Right from Your Desktop
Venture Beat | 27 July 2015
Covering 75 percent of…

2 more MD’s (1 Prominent Holistic, & One of Missing Docs) Found Dead, Bringing the Total to 8
Health Nut News | 23 July 2015
Timeline now on all…

CrowdMed: How We Help Patients

Vimeo | 2015
Struggling with an unsolved medical condition…

Nicholas Gonzalez, MD Reveals the Truth about Chemotherapy

YouTube | 24 July 2015
It’s success rate…

Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment Because It’s Too Effective and Too Cheap
Health Freedom Alliance | 25 July 2015
9 out of 10 cancer patients agree to chemotherapy first without…

We Don’t Trust Drinking Fountains Anymore, and That’s Bad for Our Health
Washington Post Opinions | 08 July 2015
Slashed the number of required…


Holistic Cancer Doctor Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has Passed Away Suddenly
Natural health 365 | 22 July 2015
Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of…

Famous Autism Researcher and Doctor, Jeff Bradstreet MD Died of Alleged “Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound” to Chest and Found in a River
Health Nut News | 20 July 2015
GoFundMe page to fund an investigation…

Jim Carrey Hits Mark With New Article; Blasts CDC, Drug Companies
Natural Blaze | 20 July 2015
Sidestepping of the Nuremberg codes on medical experimentation…

Stop Monsanto’s Dream Bill
Weston Price | 20 July 2015
Would block all…laws that regulate genetically…

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Waste (HBO)

YouTube | 19 July 2015
Sadness sadness sadness, let food replace your…

Scientists Make International Appeal on Dangers of WiFi
Waking Times | 18 July 2015
These devices are causing…

Safety and Civil Liberties: Is Corporate Clout Calling the Shots?
Medium-@JimCarreyIsHere | 17 July 2015
Substitute their own judgment for that of a politician are particularly…

Leaked Document: Nearly 1/3rd Of 847,000 Vets With Pending Applications For VA Health Care Already Died
Huffington Post | 13 July 2015
But VA is turning away tens of…

Slow Money Entrepreneur Showcase 4th National Gathering: Iroquois Valley Farms

YouTube | 13 May 2013
Iroquois Valley Farms


5th Holistic Doctor (Age 33) Died in Florida Making 5 Dead and 5 More Missing
Health Nut News | 14 July 2015
Now say that it was targeted, not random…

3 Deceptive Edits In The Video Claiming Planned Parenthood Is “Selling Aborted Baby Parts”
Media Matters | 14 July 2015
Video jumps nearly 8 minutes…

Hot Times In Geneva Or, How to Force More Drug Ill-Effects on Billions of People and Make Tons of Money
The National Health Federation | 08 July 2015
Many thought the risk assessment was very political and industry

Refugee to Medical Revolutionary | Munjed Al Muderis | TEDxSydney

TedxSydney | YouTube June and July 2015
Osseointegration enables the amputee to focus on the…

40 Maps that Explain Food in America
VOX | 09 June 2014
Where are people making money from…


Tighten Vaccination Loopholes: Our View
USA Today | 07 July 2015
Safety-in-numbers protection, known as herd immunity, has…

The Monopolist Robbery In Medicine, Illustrated
Market-Ticker | 06 July 2015
Felonious in virtually any other…

Sceptical Doctoring vs Doctoring Data
I-SIS | 06 July 2015
Doctor who has come to be sceptical about this plethora of…

Greens Warn: German Breast Milk Unsafe
The Local DE| 26 June 2015
If the chemical is proven to be carcinogenic then any exposure…