This Professor Resigned Rather Than Go to Diversity Training
Weekly Standard | 21 May 2017
Supposed to be devoted to…

Where to Invade Next Finland

YouTube | 25 November 2016
Unbelievable for Americans…

China: Generation Left Behind

YouTube | 06 September 2016
2016 life in rural China…


Latest Solari Crowdfund
The Urban Homestead Podcast
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Local: The Great Place Project
Strong Towns | 18 May 2017
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Local: Find A Place You Love That Needs You
Strong Towns | 13 April 2017
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Peggy Noonan’s Speech: 128th Annual Commencement Upper Church, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
CUA | 13 May 2017
If your…

Susan Sarandon, 70, Upstages Younger Stars with Explosive Cleavage at Cannes Film Festival
Daily Star | 17 May 2017
Years old, showed she can still…

‘This is Crazy’: Austin Man Sues Date for Texting During Movie
Statesman | 16 May 2017
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Couples Are Turning Their Unwanted Embryos Into Jewelry
Federalist | 12 May 2017
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Airs May 16: American Epic (Trailer)

YouTube | 18 April 2017
Historical documentary and The American Epic Sessions…

King Charles III, adapted by Mike Bartlett: More like House of Cards Meets the House of Windsor
PBS | April 2017
Entertaining fiction in Shakespearan verse…

Meet the Map Man: Murray Hudson
YouTube | 08 June 2011


Texas State Senator Taylor’s Bill Aimed at Ending Forced Marriages Passes
Raging Elephants Radio | 05 May 2017
Mother marries off…

What Quebec Can Teach Us About Creating a More Cooperative Economy
Shareable | 11 April 2017
8-10 percent of the province’s GDP…

Local: Sharing Spring, Starting a Conversation
Shareable | 05 March 2013
Community gardens to neighborhood work parties…

Local: How To Start A Social Street
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Local: How to Reinvent the Potluck
Shareable | 27 April 2010
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Peace Pilgrim’s Final Interview – July 6, 1981

YouTube | 14 April 2017
Peace Activists Legacy….

What Shirt will you Wear? It’s National College Decision Day! Here’s the Ultimate Guide to not Screwing Up the College Choice Process
Bob Sullivan | 01 May 2017
Sage Choices…