Afterglow the Film
Vimeo | 28 October 2014
Deep pillows and Alaskan spines, all filmed at night…

Amazon Brings Crowdsourcing to the Publishing Industry
Advantage Family | 28 October 2014
Similar to American Idol, prospective authors will…

ISIS Cited as Michigan Village’s Police Push for Secrecy
RSN | 20 October 2014
They[Police]fund themselves through secret donations from secret benefactors…

Ancient Stone Chambers in New England
Brass Check TV | 23 October 2014
Why do mainstream scientists lie about…


‘Snowpiercer’ Benefits from Unusual Distribution Route
WSJ | 21 October 2014
About survivors of a global apocalypse living on a train that circles the globe…

Woman Goes to Jail for Not Mowing Lawn
Yahoo | 17 October 2014
The judge says he could add more jail time if the city isn’t satisfied…

Pema Chödrön
Oprah | 19 October 2014
Uplifting conversation about her spiritual journey and how we…

Controlling the American Mind: The Viral Liturgical Psychodrama
21st Century Wire | 20 October 2014
One must be ever-mindful of the overall designs of mass media…

Prepare Your Children for a “Lifetime of Surveillance”
Diane Ravitch’s Blog | 18 October 2014
Investors have poured billions of dollars into new technologies to track…


This Man Handed out 520,000 Sandwiches on the Streets of Minneapolis Last Year

You Tube | 28 September 2014
Not even the bitter cold weather deters Allan Law from his mission to help the hungry.

Researchers: How Do You Encourage Saving?
Stanford University | 29 May 2014
Through a series of five experiments, the authors showed that feeling powerful…


Instead of a Ticket, Police Officer Gives Mom a Car Seat… and Hope
Today | 07 October 2014
A Michigan police officer is being called a hero…

Millennial Voters Are Paying Attention — So Why Don’t More Vote?
NPR | 08 October 2014
Millennials are not getting much love from politicians this year…

Comcast Got Me Fired after Billing Dispute, says California Man
ARS | 07 October 2014
A Northern California man named Conal O’Rourke laid out what admittedly sounds like a crazy story…

Interviews with Entrepreneurs
Khanacademy | 02 October 2014
Personal lessons and insights from accomplished entrepreneurs…

Simon Cowell Cry – Attraction Semi Final-Britain’s Got Talent 2013
YouTube | 03 June 2013
Attraction the Shadow Theater Group bring the house down & make Simon Cowell cry like a baby…


10 Projections for the Global Population in 2050
Pew Research | 03 February 2014
A new Pew Research Center report examines global public opinion on the challenges posed by aging populations and analyzes projections…


Hollywood’s Gary Webb Movie and the Message that Big Media Couldn’t Kill
The Field | 10 September 2014
Gary Webb reached out to me in 2001 at a time when lesser lights were ready and willing to see me thrown under a bus….

Amazing Water Trick

YouTube | 12 February 2014
When the arrow is moved to a particular distance behind the glass, it looks like it reversed itself…


$11 Million Lotto Winner Will Return To Waitressing, Donate Chunk To Charity
The Huffington Post | 10 September 2014
When this couple won the lottery, they decided to trade in a potential life of luxury for one that could benefit others…

Shark Tank: ABC Announces Return of Shark Tank Week
TV Series Finale | 16 August 2014
ABC has announced the return of their special Shark Tank Week starting Sunday, September 7th…

Couples on Different Sleep Schedules Can Expect Conflict—and Adapt
Wall Street Journal | 09 September 2014
Some Couples May Decide to Sleep Apart, But Discuss It First and Make Time for Intimacy…

Single Americans Now Compose More Than Half the U.S. Population
Bloomberg | 08 September 2014
Single Americans make up more than half of the adult population…


Elephants Dancing to Violin! Adorable!

YouTube | 24 August 2014
Me warming up for my performance of the Bach Concerto for Two Violins with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI…

Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Watching TV
Personal Excellence
I’ve mentioned on and off that I don’t watch TV…


The Art of Slow Growth
Medium | 22 August 2014
What do Twitter and Breaking Bad have in common? Neither would have survived based on their pitch alone…


So Much for Summer: Snow Set to Blast Scotland as Forecasters Warn of ‘Coldest August Spell in a Century’
The Daily Mail | 18 August 2014
Bitter Arctic winds could plunge parts of Britain into the coldest spell of August weather for almost a century…

Mo’Ne Davis Beats the Boys of Summer
Bloomberg | 18 August 2014
In a week of disheartening news for both women and African-Americans…