US Treasury Posts Gigantic $1.16 Trillion Shortfall in Fiscal 2017, Hilariously Points out “Where We Are Headed”

Wolf Street | 19 February 2018

Stockman: Washington ‘Crossed the Fiscal Rubicon,’ ‘Created a Fiscal Catastrophe for 2019’

YouTube | 12 February 2018

Japan Sells US Debt Trying to Ease A Trade War
Armstrong Economics | 18 February 2018

Strong Towns-To Elected Officials and Community Leaders of Amazon HQ2 Finalist Cities: Support a Non-Aggression Pact for Amazon’s HQ2
Strong Towns | 06 February 2018


“There Is An Acute Crisis Coming”: Apartment Developer
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Revealed: Rightwing Groups Plot to Ditch EU Safety Standards on Food and Drugs
Guardian | 17 February 2018

All of the World’s Stock Exchanges by Size – 2016
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Retail Apocalypse Accelerates: 200 Winn-Dixie Stores To Close As Parent Goes Bankrupt
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SEC Halts Trading In 3 Firms Linked To Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Yahoo | 17 February 2018

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes Edition 333 with Catherine Austin Fitts MP3
The Unexplained | 15 February 2018

A Million Dollars a Minute
Information Clearing House | 15 February 2018

Coinbase is erratically overcharging some users and emptying their bank accounts
The Verge | 15 February 2018

Pentagon Wants $900 Million in 2019 for Its Audit Efforts
Bloomberg Gov | 14 February 2018

Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas
Oil Price | 14 February 2018

Americans’ Debt Hits a Record $13.1 Trillion
Bloomberg | 13 February 2018

Russian banks ready to switch off SWIFT – official
RT | 13 February 2018

Record Number of U.S. Small-Business Owners Say It’s a Good Time to Expand
Bloomberg | 13 February 2018

OpenTheBooks CEO & Founder Adam Andrzejewski on C-SPAN with Host Brian Lamb
Open The Books | 10 September 2017

Open the Books: About Us
Open the Books | 14 February 2018

GMO Asset Allocation Insights: The Advent of a Cynical Bubble
GMO | February 2018

The ‘Goldilocks Market’ Is Over: Lessons From the Stock Selloff
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Bitcoin may not be done collapsing, but it has bounced back from worse
Market Watch | 13 February 2018

Trump’s Budget Balloons Deficits, Cuts Social Safety Net
ABC News | 12 February 2018
International Space Station by…

JPMorgan Publishes The “Bitcoin Bible”
Zero Hedge | 12 February 2018

BIS Publishes A “Simplified” Map Of China’s Shadow Banking System
Zero Hedge | 12 February 2018

Insider trading has been rife on Wall Street, academics conclude
Economist | 10 February 2018

The Shale ‘Miracle’ & The Reality-Optional World Of Bizarro Finance
Zero Hedge | 10 February 2018

Local: Seoul-based COOP Taxi gives power back to drivers
Shareable | 28 January 2018

China Ends 25-Year Wait as Yuan Oil Futures to Start Trading
Bloomberg| 09 February 2016


“How Much Worse Will It Get?” That’s What Goldman’s Clients Want To Know
Zero Hedge| 10 February 2018

Lebanon welcomes Russia’s participation in developing offshore fields — official
TASS | 09 February 2018

Jeff Bezos’ Quest To Find America’s Stupidest Mayor
Huffington Post | 08 February 2018

How to Compare the Cost of Living in Different Cities
WSJ | 09 February 2018
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Oil World Turns Upside Down as U.S. Sells Oil in Middle East
Bloomberg | 07 February 2018

Forbes’ First List Of Cryptocurrency’s Richest People: Meet The Secretive Freaks, Geeks And Visionaries
Forbes | 07 February 2018

Oil World Turns Upside Down as U.S. Sells Oil in Middle East
Bloomberg | 07 February 2018

U.S. SEC And CFTC Are Open to Regulation of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Coinivore | 06 February 2018

Market Spirals As Three Major U.S. Banks Ban Credit Card Purchase Of Cryptocurrency
Coinivorse | 05 February 2018

The Surprising Relationship Between Retail Tax and Property Tax
Strong Towns | 05 February 2018

Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply
Zero Hedge | 06 February 2018

Exclusive: Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars
Politico | 05 February 2018

Pension costs ‘unsustainable,’ California cities say
Sacramento Bee | 02 February 2018

Pensions will be ‘on the chopping block’ in next recession, Jerry Brown says
Sacramento Bee | 16 January 2018

BIS: Central Bank Cryptocurrencies
BIS | September 2017

YouTube | 11 October 2017

BIS Central Bank Cryptocurrencies
BIS | September 2017


Federal Reserve orders Wells Fargo to replace four board members
Code Red Politics | 03 February 2018

UK’s Royal Mint Launches Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency
Coin Telegraph | 31 January 2018

The IRS wants to know who’s dealing in cryptos, as evidenced by this new question added to my tax return organizer sent by my CPA
Rumor Mill News | 30 January 2018

Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Link Up to Form New Health-Care Company
Bloomberg | 30 January 2018

School Loan: Debbie Baker
Facebook | 26 January 2018

Special Solari Report: The Student Loan Scam
Solari | 11 July 2011

Nomi Prins Fingers Trump’s Financial Arsonists: “Next Financial Crisis – Not If, But When
Zero Hedge | 02 February 2018

One of Wall Street’s most-followed forecasters has a wild new prediction for the US economy
Business Insider | 01 February 2018

CFTC Has Made Spoofing a Crime
Armstrong Economics | 31 January 2018

$21 Trillion Heist: It’s Only Theft When You’re Not Wealthy Enough to Get Away With It
Ghion Journal | 31 January 2018

Rough Waters: Gentrification and Cataclysmic Money
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European Pipeline Wars: Realpolitik Meets Geography
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Street Spooked By Yellen’s Upcoming Hawkish Swan Song
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Goldman: “Expect A Market Correction In The Coming Months”
Zero Hedge | 29 January 2018

Exxon Mobil announces $35 billion in new US investments over 5 years, citing tax reform
CNBC | 29 January 2018

Local: The Appalachian City That Raised Its Taxes and Grew: To support a homegrown artist community, Berea, Kentucky, asked residents to trust government. It worked.
Next City | 29 January 2018

Home Depot founder tells “Home Depot Co Founder: Democrats Downplaying Tax Cut Bonuses

YouTube | 28 January 2018

An alternative measure to GDP is proof that the global economy isn’t what it seems
Quartz | 22 January 2018

Local: How much is your local Target (Any business) worth?
Strong Towns | 29 November 2017

New York Times Applauds Donald Trump for a New Attempt at an Old Corporate Boondoggle
The Intercept | 30 January 2018
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Distriessed Communities Index 2017
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The billionaire wives club
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How Big is a Trillion Dollars?

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