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We’re going to surprise you…

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YouTube | 19 February 2017
Can’t…taking the country to the brink…

Differences cloud IMF, World Bank Meetings
DW | 20 April 2017
Dangers from fiscal proposals that Trump…

We Need a New Global Economic Goal: Resilience
WSJ | 19 April 2017
Financial Sustainability, What a Concept!!..

U.S. House Panel to Begin Hearings on Tax Reform Next Week
Reuters | 18 April 2017
Tariffs are Coming…

Mnuchin: Tax Reform Before August ‘Highly Aggressive to not Realistic’
Constitutional Rights | 17 April 2017
Real Tax Reform; Systemic Complexities…

Steve Ballmer Serves up a Fascinating Data Trove
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Real Numbers to See the Light of Day…

Numerical Hat Tricks & Interventions: ‘Official’ Government Statistics vs. U.S. Economic Reality
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Real vs Imagined Economic Indicators….

Happy Tax Day! Here’s How Corporations Plan to Mess You Over
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Unicorns Watch In Horror As Uber Careens Towards A Possible Extinction Event: A Down Round

Mark St. Cyr | 16 April 2017
Uber Self Destructs..

John Arnold: The Most Hated Man in Pensionland
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$43 Million In Cash Found In Empty Nigerian Apartment
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Deficit in Dallas: How One of the Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities Ended Up With Billions in Debt
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What United Airlines Really Wants Is to Privatize America’s Skies
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Scorpion Stings Passenger On United Flight
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Feds Collect Record Income and Payroll Taxes Through March–Still Run $526,855,000,000 Deficit
CNS News | 14 April 2017
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Airbnb Growth Slows Worldwide as Regulations Increase
The Real Deal | 14 April 2017
February, compared to…

Delta Will Offer Up To $9,950 To Passengers On Overbooked Flights
zero Hedge | 14 April 2017
Receive their seat assignments at least…

Air China Cancels some Beijing-Pyongyang Flights
Yahoo | 14 April2017
Based on…

Ukraine to Launch Big Blockhain Deal with Tech Firm Bitfury
Reuters | 13 April 2017
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Recession Alert: Government Revenues Suffer Biggest Drop Since The Financial Crisis
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Trump’s Plan to Attack Social Security
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Bill O’Reilly Is Running Out Of Friends
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The Bespoke “Death by Amazon” Indices
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Puerto Rico Seen Sliding Toward Bankruptcy as Deadline Nears
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Creditors could negotiate out of court…

? This Loophole Will Let Hedge-Fund Managers Dodge $18 Billion in Taxes This Year
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Forty Percent of 5th-12th Graders Plan to Start a Business
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What a State-Owned Bank Can Do for New Jersey
Ellen Brown | 12 April 2017
Reclaiming Your State’s Assets…

CPEC Investment Pushed from $55b to $62b
Tribute Pk | 12 April 2017
China Expands Infrastructure Globally…

Airline Travel Decline
Chart of the Day | 11 April 2017
More Bad Economic Indications…

Statistics Show Decline in Interest in Traveling to the U.S. Since Trump Inauguration
Biz Journals | 10 Feburary 2017
Unknown Financial Implications…

10 Worst Cases Of Corporate Greed In U.S. History
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Scam, Amount, Restitution, Charges…

Want to See how America is Changing? Property Taxes Hold the Answer
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Property Tax Diaspora….

If Government Shuts Down, Senators Want Feds to Get Paid
Federal Times | 10 April 2017
They Take Care of their Own…

Dutch Bank ING Sells Dakota Pipeline Loan Share to ‘Send Message’
Reuters | 16 March 2017
Saving Face….

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Will Send a letter this Week Ordering Federal Agencies to Prepare for Massive Cuts, According to a Report from Axios.
Breitbart | 10 April 2017
Too Late the Fix??….

Welcome To The Third World, Part 23: Honest Pension Returns Equal Mass-Bankruptcy
Dollar Collapse | 10 April 2017

Painful Numeric Indications…

South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border
Zero Hedge | 10 April 2017
War is Good for Wall St. See charts…

Here’s How Much 59 Tomahawk Missiles Cost
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The Price Tag of War w/o End Amen..

The Profound Implications of 5 Increasingly Dominant Tech Companies
Hacker Noon | 09 April 2017
Increasingly profound impact on…

Newspapers Cut More than Half of Jobs Since 2001
Undernews | 09 April 2017
More Economy 2.0 declines…

Feds Order $5.4M Whistleblower Award to ex-Wells Fargo Wealth Mmanager
Financial Planning | O9 April 2017
Whistleblower Justice for Once..

Greek PM says Debt Relief is a Condition for more Austerity
Reuters | 09 April 2017
Reform package that could…

IMF Tells Governments How to Subvert Public Resistance against Elimination of Cash
Norbert Haering | 05 April 2017


IMF Working Paper on Eliminating Cash
Armstrong Economics | 08 April 2017

One Way to Keep Businesses (and Small Sowns) Alive when Their Owners Retire
CSM | 07 April 2017
Keeping the Money in Your Place…

States Warned of ‘Profound Shift’ in Finances, Hurting in Illinois and More
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Divergence in the credit quality of…

Spotify’s Non-IPO: What’s a ‘Direct Listing’ Anyway?
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Top White House adviser Gary Cohn Offers Support for Move that could Break Up Big Banks
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Activities banks…

Hunkering Down: Form vs. Substance in Difficult Times
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Paul Craig Roberts-Nuclear War More Likely: Blame Washington & MSM
USA Watchdog | 06 April 2017
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Fortune 500 – Fastest Growing and Shrinking Companies
Craft Co | 06 April 2017
The Amazing Shrinking Energy Sector…..

Amazon’s Next Customer: Americans Who Don’t Have a Bank Account
Market Watch | 06 April 2017
Store attendant can…

Knoxville, TN Could Be Ground Zero For The Obamacare Explosion
Zero Hedge | 05 April 2017
Health Care is on the Endangered Species List…

For Gundlach, These Are The Three Key Charts To Watch
Zero Hedge | 05 April 2017
Key Indicators to watch..

Private Payrolls Grew 263K in March vs. 185K est.: ADP
CNBC | 05 April 2017
Hiring on the Rise…

Consumers in Line for $70 Million in Refunds after Amazon, FTC Settlement
Market Watch | 04 April 2017
Liable for…

Jamie Dimon Warns “Something Is Wrong” With The US
Zero Hedge | 04 April 2017
Dimon’s misgivings…

Funding National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) 220 Cities Losing All Passenger Train Service per Trump Elimination of all Federal Funding for Amtrak’s National Network Trains
Mass Transit Mag | 04 April 2017
Service to 23…

Dallas Mayor Pulls Support For “Massive Taxpayer Bailout” Of Police Pension
Zero Hedge | 04 April 2017
Virtual Employee pension bail out…

Cooking With Gas: Nord Stream 2 Project Gets Green Light From EU
Sputnik News | 03 April 2017

Amazon Launches Amazon Cash, a way to Shop its Site without a Bank Card4
Tech Crunch | 03 April 2017
Private Cashless Option…

The Oil Market is Finally Starting to Make Sense
Business Insider | 01 April 2017
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Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade
Zero Hedge | 02 April 2017
Coming Global shift…

Local: Strongtowns Summit in Fate Texas
Strong Towns | 31 March 2017
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List of highest funded crowdfunding projects
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Honey on Tap Directly from your Beehive
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Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestle, Other Major Brands Implicated in Illegal Destruction of Critical Elephant Habitat
Salon | 01 April 2017
Big Corps Strip Mine habitat…

Is Government Shutdown Likely Under One-party Rule? Possibly Under Trump
Federal Times | 31 March 2017

Total Return Comparison Charts
Zero Hedge | March 2017
Interesting Comparisons…

The Demise of the Anatolian Tiger
Der Spiegel | 31 March 2017
Turkey’s Currency woes…

Fannie, Freddie may write down $21 billion due to U.S. tax cut: BMO
Reuters | 31 March 2017
Cover those losses…

Investigating Ivy League, Inc. $41 Billion in U.S. Taxpayer Subsidies, Tax Breaks and
Federal Contracts and Grants

Open The Books | 30 March 2017
“The taxpayer gravy train needs to end…” (2010 – 2015)

The Overlapping Crises Are Coming, Regardless of Who’s in Power
Of Two Minds | 28 March 2017
Beneath the surface everything is…

At BlackRock, Machines Are Rising Over Managers to Pick Stocks
NY Times | 28 March 2017

Hedge Fund Boss Who Lost Billions in Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Plunges to His Death off Luxury Midtown Hotel
NY Daily News | 28 March 2017
Another Finance Mgr. death…

What Record-high Margin Debt Means for Stocks
CNBC | 28 March 2017
Tends to spur…

Morgan Stanley Finds A “Stunning Divergence” In The Economic Data
Zero Hedge | 28 March 2017
Soft vs. Hard Data…

Scoop: Trump Wants to do Tax Reform and Infrastructure at the Same Time
Axios | 27 March 2017
Tandem Goals…

Stock Selloff: Key Levels to Watch
WSJ | 27 March 2017
Sell Off info…

A Startup’s Plan To Cut Air Freight Costs In Half With 777-Size Drones
FastCompany | 27 March 2017
Aviation Automation…

Fading Trump Rally Threatened by Rare Contraction of US Credit
Telegraph | 26 March 2017
Money supply growth…

No Plans to Introduce new Denomination Notes: RBI
New India Express | 26 March 2017
Institution wants…

Is Australia on the Brink of Becoming a Completely Cashless Society?
ABC | 26 March 2017
Free as early as…

Doubt Rises As Market Liquidity Collapses
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The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase
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