Thinker, Trader, Holder. Why?
Mauldin Economics | 18 August 2014
Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to stop for a second, take a step back, and reconsider the simplest pieces of any puzzle…

That Asteroid Mining Meme: Wealth, Ranking, and Risk: That Venetian Model Again
Giza Death Star | 18 August 2014
There were a number of articles shared with me this week about space…


Three New JPMorgan IT Deaths Include Alleged Murder-Suicide
Wall Street on Parade | 14 July 2014
Since December of last year, JPMorgan Chase has been experiencing tragic…

Calpers Could Shift Investments to Avoid Risky Bets in Areas Like Commodities
Reuters | 10 August 2014
The California Public Employee Retirement System, the largest U.S. public pension fund…

The Recession Generation: How Millennials Are Changing Money Management Forever
Forbes | 30 July 2014
Without any apparent irony, the woman who aspires to change financial services in the 21st century sits…


Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Warns of ‘Challenging Times’
IPE | 06 August 2014
GIC, the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund, has increased its holdings in cash and bonds and cut exposure…

Bond Liquidity Falls 70% in Europe as Sales Soar: Credit Markets
Bloomberg | 05 August 2014
Bond dealers made money manager Gary Kirk’s job much more difficult when he tried to sell debt securities at the end of the first half….

Accounting Tops List of Most Profitable Industries
Accounting Today | 05 August 2014
Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services are collectively amongst the most profitable industries…


Mercosur Finally Agrees on Joint Trade Proposal to Exchange With the EU
Merco Press | 29 July 2014
Mercosur members finally agreed this week on a draft joint proposal to be presented to the European Union…

One-Third of Americans are Delinquent on Their Debt
Yahoo! Finance | 29 July 2014
If you’ve been on the receiving end of an unsolicited phone call from a debt collector, you’re far from alone…

Spanish Bond Yields Tumble Below 2.5% – Lowest In History
Bloomberg | 28 July 2014
European peripheral bond yields have compressed from “whatever it takes” highs to “whatever…” lows…

Angola Delays Stock Market to 2017 to Fix Company Accounting
Bloomberg | 25 July 2014
Angola, sub-Saharan Africa’s third-largest economy, won’t start equities trading until at least 2017 because companies need to improve their accounting records…

Respecting the Message of Bob Farrell’s Rule #7
Financial Sense | 25 July 2014
There are many successful investors who have accumulated decades of experience and have drilled down their pearls of wisdom to insightful lists…

Report Shows 1 in 3 Texans Chooses Renewable Energy Options
Tyler Morning Telegraph | 27 July 2014
A Texas Empowerment report released by Choose Energy shows that about one in three Texans choose renewably sourced energy options…

Never Too Old for E-Commerce, Chinese Company Says
The New York Times | 28 July 2014
A spokeswoman for Alibaba, the Chinese company that operates the popular Taobao e-commerce site…

Money Funds Embrace U.S. SEC’s Rules to Escape FSOC
Bloomberg | 23 July 2014
Given a choice between a regulator whose mission is to promote growth through investment…

Swiss & Chinese Central Banks Enter Swap Agreement
Armstrong Economics | 24 July 2014
The Swiss National Bank and the People’s Bank of China reached a currency swap agreement on Monday…


Court Forces Government to Release Documents in Fannie/Freddie Suit
National Legal Policy Center | 25 July 2014
The burden carried by the holders of stock in mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…


Cash Crops With Dividends: Financiers Transforming Strawberries Into Securities
Dealbook | 21 July 2014
His boots were caked with mud when Thomas S. T. Gimbel…

U.S. Poised to Label MetLife a Potential Threat to the Financial System
Bloomberg | 22 July 2014
A U.S. council of regulators is poised to label MetLife Inc…

NY Fed Slams Deutsche Bank (And Its €55 Trillion In Derivatives): Accuses It Of “Significant Operational Risk”
Zero Hedge | 22 July 2014
First it was French BNP that was punished with a $9 billion legal fee…

Inflation or Deflation
X22 Report
This prices listed for each product are the prices in my area…


Citigroup Settles Mortgage Inquiry for $7 Billion
The New York Times | 14 July 2014
The $7 billion deal that Citigroup agreed to strike with the Justice Department…

Executive Pay ’180 Times Average’, Report Finds
BBC News | 13 July 2014
Executive pay has grown from 60 times that of the average worker to almost 180 times since the 1990s, according to a report…

Step Inside CYNK, The Company That’s Worth $5 Billion But Has No Revenues, Assets, Or Full-Time Employees
Yahoo! Finance | 12 July 2014
Yesterday we wrote about the strange case of CYNK Technology…

Survey: Growth Forecast Lowered to 3 Percent for the Second Quarter
The Hill | 11 July 2014
Business economists have lowered their estimates for economic growth in the second quarter following news…

Got ’em, Gotham
The Economist | 12 July 2014
The company-accounts detectives collar another suspect…

Traders Flood U.S. With $3.4 Trillion of Bond-Auction Demand
Bloomberg | 14 July 2014
The intensifying debate over when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates is little more than a sideshow when it comes to the ability of the U.S. to borrow…


Chinese Tycoon Guo Copying Buffett Rises From Bread to Club Med
The Malay Mail | 07 July 2014
Twice a week in the winter of 1987, students living in the No 5 dormitory of Shanghai’s Fudan University would hear a familiar knock close to midnight…

A Chinese Real Estate Billionaire Just Donated His Entire Fortune To Charity. Leaving His Kids With Precisely NOTHING.
Celebrity Networth | 29 June 2014
You’ve got to admire anyone who goes from being dirt poor to self-made billionaire…

Bitcoin Busted: French Police Wind Up 1st Illegal Virtual Currency Trading Ring
RT | 07 July 2014
French police have eliminated an illegal Bitcoin trading network worth 200,000 euro…

Breakingviews: Founders Not Keepers
Reuters | 07 July 2014
Richard Beales and Rob Cox air a new idea for balancing the interests of tech company founders and outside investors…


Don Coxe: Russia, China and Iran to Become More Aggressive as US Disengages

YouTube | 18 June 2014
Jim welcomes back Donald Coxe, Chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP in Chicago…

California Governor Signs Bill to Bring Bitcoin and Other Currency Into Fold
The Wall Street Journal | 28 June 2014
California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed into law a bill that clears away possible state-level obstacles to alternative currencies such as bitcoin…

U.S. Could Face High Unemployment Through 2030, Consultancy Says
The Wall Street Journal | 29 June 2014
The U.S. is one of the world’s few economies that could struggle with high unemployment through 2030…

Global M&A at Seven-Year High as Big Corporate Deals Return
The Economic Times | 30 June 2014
Investor support for large acquisitions and a desire to trump rivals in consolidating markets…

BIS: Ultra Low Interest Rates Could Make Global Economy Permanently Unstable
The Telegraph | 29 June 2014
Ultra low interest rates and the failure of policy to “lean against” the build-up of financial imbalances are in danger…


Goldman Wins Dismissal of $450 Million Mortgage-Bond Suit
Bloomberg | 13 June 2014
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) won dismissal of a suit over $450 million in residential mortgage-backed securities…

Seeing Through “The Banker’s New Clothes:” Anat Admati at TEDxStanford

YouTube | 20 May 2014
Anat R. Admati holds a bachelor’s degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a doctorate from Yale University…

April “Surprises” More Surprising Than Expected
The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government | June 2014
Depressed Income Tax Collections Adding to Budget Pressures…