Boeing, SpaceX Win Contracts to Build ‘Space Taxis’ for NASA
Reuters | 16 September 2014
NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated “space taxis”…

Microsoft’s Minecraft Deal Shows its New CEO is Paying Attention
Quartz | 15 September 2014
It’s official: Microsoft is buying Mojang, the studio behind the massive cloud gaming hit Minecraft, for $2.5 billion…


Solar Storm Heading for Earth
USA Today | 11 September 2014
A “strong” solar flare that launched off the sun Wednesday afternoon could cause some fluctuations…

Pelé Unveils Unique Football Pitch Where Players’ Energy Produces Electricity
The Telegraph | 11 September 2014
Brazillian football legend launches a revolutionary artificial pitch that converts players’ energy into electricty to power Rio de Janeiro favela…

U.S. Man 3D Prints Mini Castle, Sets Sights on Printing Livable House
CTV News | 03 September 2014
People have used 3D printers to print everything from medical devices to guns…

Higgs Boson Could Spell the End of the Universe – Stephen Hawking
RT | 08 September 2014
Higgs’ elementary particle underpins existence in our universe might become unstable…


Android Security Mystery – ‘Fake’ Cellphone Towers Found in U.S.
We Live Security | 28 August 2014
Seventeen mysterious cellphone towers have been found in America which look like ordinary towers…

The Transhumanist Scrapbook: MIT and Selective Gene Repair: Explicit Benefits, and Implicit Dangers
Giza Death Star | 03 September 2014
There’s been another important development in the “quadrangle” of GRIN technologies…

Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis
Wired | 25 August 2014
Though galaxies look larger than atoms and elephants appear to outweigh ants…

Robot Bartenders, Bumper Cars to Set Sail on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas
Daily News | 28 August 2014
The massive cruise ship, which will embark on its maiden voyage in November…


Robot Olympics Planned for 2020 Powered by Japan’s ‘Robot Revolution’
Singularity Hub | 02 August 2014
Japan likes robots. And while some Americans raised on a confusing sci-fi diet…

Robotic Bees Designed to Pollinate Crops Making Significant Strides
Singularity Hub | 06 August 2014
In Harvard researcher Robert Wood’s lab, a robot the size of a quarter lifts off the ground, its wings a blur…

Burger Robot Poised to Disrupt Fast Food Industry
Singularity Hub | 10 August 2014
I saw the future of work in a San Francisco garage two years ago…


Space Salad Glows Purple in a Greenhouse Made For Mars
New Scientist | 05 August 2014
Would-Be Mars colonist and space-flight entrepreneur Elon Musk often jokes that he wants “to die on Mars, but not on impact”…

European Spacecraft Rosetta Makes Contact With Comet After 10-Year Chase
Telegraph | 06 August 2014
Probe to orbit comet for first time ever after 3.7 billion-mile game of ‘cosmic billiards’; scientists hope to learn more about origins of stars, comets and planets…


100,000 amps breakthrough: Highest Electrical Current Achieved in Japan
RT | 27 July 2014
Japanese scientists have managed to achieve an electrical current of 100,000 amperes…


Ryden Dual Carbon Battery
Revolution Green | 21 July 2014
This is a good story I am visiting for a second time. It represents many new battery technologies that are emerging and could have a huge impact on transport. This is one of the more serious attempts…


Illustration of the ZUtA Pocket Printer

YouTube | 10 April 2014
This is a demonstration of what the ZUtA Pocket Printer will look like…

A Yankee Inventor Takes On Beijing Smog
Qing’s Tea House | 10 June 2014
On days when Beijing’s heavy air pollution is especially pungent…

Southwest, UPS Airliners Aid in Weather Forecasting Revolution
Bloomberg | 19 June 2014
Southwest Airlines and UPS have equipped 112 of their aircraft with devices that measure moisture in the atmosphere…

Severe Solar Storm Damage Could Top $2 Trillion
Bloomberg | 20 June 2014
According to a study by Lloyd’s of London, an extreme geomagnetic storm in the near future is almost inevitable…

Underground Lab Tackles Japan Nuclear Waste Issue
AP | 14 July 2014
Reindeer farms and grazing Holstein cows dot a vast stretch of rolling green pasture here on Japan’s northern tip…


Sun Valley Said to Be on Alert for Drones at Billionaire Enclave
Bloomberg | 08 July 2014
As billionaires and dealmakers descend upon Sun Valley, Idaho…

The Smart Bracelet That Can Read Your Emotions
BBC News | 07 July 2014
Immersive technology is blurring the lines between the physical…

‘Remote Control’ Contraceptive Chip Available ‘By 2018′
BBC News | 07 July 2014
A contraceptive computer chip that can be controlled by remote control has been developed in Massachusetts…

Self-Healing ‘Transformer’ Drones – Future of Warfare?
RT | 07 July 2014
Future aircraft should be able to heal themselves in flight…


NASA Explores A New World: Crowdsourcing Ideas
NPR | 30 June 2014
NASA is asking the public to help it develop new ways to bring their technology to the commercial market…