SHTFPLAN | 12 May 2016
How Dark Will Our Future…

U S General Warns of ‘Hybrid Armies’ and ‘Little Green Men’

YouTube | 02 May 2016
General Mark Milley, U.S. Army Chief…


Psychiatrist Who Treated Adam Lanza Charged With Sexually Assaulting Patient
Courant | 22 April 2016
License in July 2012…

George Bush Senior On UFOs: “Americans Can’t Handle The Truth”
Your News Wire | 05 October 2015
“Americans can’t”…


Keith Olbermann Leaves “Countdown” & MSNBC
Mashable | 21 January 2011
(In 2010)Last year, he was suspended for…

George Carlin – 2007-10-23 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

YouTube | 20 May 2012
Aired 23 October 2007…Last elected office held legally…


47 Year Old Television Signals Bouncing Back to Earth
Rimmell | 01 April 2009
Originating from…

Panama Paper Gossip: Swiss Bank Whistleblower Claims Panama Papers Was a CIA Operation
The Daily Sheeple | 12 April 2016
Questions about the source…

Panama Paper Gossip: Panama Papers: Soros against the Rothschilds?
Katehon | 10 April 2016
Anticipation of retaliation…