Billion-Dollar Knicks and Lakers Top List Of NBA’s Most Valuable Teams

Forbes | 23 January 2013
NBA commissioner David Stern was vilified by fans and players…

A Grim Reminder That Military Women Have Already Been Fighting And Dying

Buzzfeed | 23 January 2013
One hundred forty-six women have died in uniform since 2001…

Share of the Work Force in a Union Falls to a 97-Year Low, 11.3%

The New York Times | 23 January 2013
The long decline in the number of American workers belonging…

U.S. Grads Work As Waiters While Italy’s Remain Jobless

Bloomberg | 26 September 2012
Cinzia Oliva may be Devon Wright’s worst nightmare, even though…

Spain’s Lost Generation Spends Salad Days Toiling in U.K.

Bloomberg | 23 January 2013
Carlos Hernandez Sonseca studied six years for a bachelor’s degree…

Waiter Hailed as Hero After Standing up for Boy With Down Syndrome

Today | 23 January 2013
A Houston waiter who refused to serve a customer last week…

Edwin Vieira: Preface To “The Sword And Sovereignty”

Oath Keepers | 22 January 2013
Dr. Edwin Vieira’s most recent tome, The Sword And Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of the Militia of the several States…

Irish Council Approves Motion to Allow Rural Drink-Driving

The Guardian | 22 January 2013
A county council in south-west Ireland has voted to back a motion allowing…

‘Population Bomb’ Scientist: ‘Nobody’ Has the Right to ‘As Many children as They Want’

The Raw Story | 22 January 2013
A Stanford professor and author of The Population Bomb recently published…

Gun Control Fact-Sheet 2004

Gun Owners of America | March 2004
Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense.

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