Banks Win 4-Year Delay as Basel Liquidity Rule Loosened
CNBC l 07 January 2013
Global central bank chiefs gave lenders four more years to meet…

Japan Unveils Huge Economic Stimulus Package
Sky News | 11 January 2013
Japan’s government has approved an economic stimulus package worth 10.3 trillion yen (£72bn or $116bn)…

Irish Newspapers Want To Pass A Law That Would Mean Anyone Who Links To Their Articles Would Have To Pay
Business Insider | 04 January 2013
All the members of the National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) – as well as dozens…

What Happens When China Goes Gray?
The Diplomat | 11 January 2013
As China’s major trading partners try to control rising public pension…

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Jack Lew
Market Watch | 10 January 2013
Jack Lew is reportedly on deck to be President Barack Obama’s nominee…

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout: One Broker’s Story
Rolling Stone | 08 January 2013
I have a feature in the new issue of Rolling Stone called “Secrets and Lies…

Housing Fraud Cheered At The WSJ
Market Ticker | 09 January 2013
There comes a point where cheerleading for crooks has reached the level of the absurd.

Facing An Early Wake-Up Call
Business Matters | 09 January 2013
This week on Business Matters, we get a wake-up call about what business…

Facing Education Reform as a Business
The Washington Post | 09 January 2013
Did you know that the education sector now represents nearly 9 percent…

Facing Backlash, AIG Won’t Join Lawsuit Against US
Yahoo! Finance | 09 January 2013
Facing a certain backlash from Washington and beyond…

Who, What, Why: Could the US Get a $1TN Platinum Coin?
BBC News | 09 January 2013
It sounds like the plot of some whimsical comedy…

Did the Government Make a Social Security Goof?
MSN | 8 January 2013
The fiscal cliff has been averted for the moment, and Congress is continuing its latest game…

Top Risks 2013

Eurasia Group | January 2013
It’s 2013. We’ve made it. For those of us watching from the United States, the last few…

U.S. Utilities to Burn More Natural Gas as Prices Decline

Reuters | 03 January 2013
The recent decline in U.S. natural gas prices is set to dent demand for coal…

WALL STREET: Here’s What The S&P 500 Will Do This Year

Business Insider | 05 January 2013
No one knows for sure what will happen next in the stock market.

Rig Owner Will Settle With U.S. in Gulf Spill

The New York Times | 03 January 2013
The driller whose floating Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew out in 2010, causing…