How Your Phone Could be Able to Smell, Hear and Taste by 2018: IBM Reveals its Vision for the Future of Technology

The Daily Mail Online | 17 December 2012
If you’ve only just got used to talking to your phone, get ready for a major change.

The Super Supercapacitor | Brian Golden Davis

Focus Forward Films on Vimeo

MSV Explorer Amphibious Vehicle Powered by Free Energy Technology Poised to be First to General Market

Pure Energy Systems | 17 December 2012
British inventor and CEO, Chris Garner, has come up with the MSV Explorer…

Sierra Nevada Corp. Wins $56.5M Contract for Electronic Warfare Systems

Washington Technology | 14 December 2012
Baldr systems are worn by individual soliders, providing a small zone of protection…

110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years

Popular Mechanics | 10 December 2012
It’s never easy to predict the future.

Toshiba Unveils Robot to Help in Nuclear Disasters

Zimbio | 22 November 2012
Electronics manufacturer Toshiba Corp. unveiled a robot on November 21, 2012…