WOW! The Universe Gives Up Its Deepest Secret

By Steve Connor – The Independent (Jan 8, 2007)

Retrieving the Democrats’ Reason for Being

By Sam Smith – The Progressive Review (Jan 8, 2007)

Chavez to Socialize Venezuela, Shuts Opposition TV, Promises ‘Permanent Revolution’
By Ian James – AP (Jan 8, 2007)

CIA Role in Bush Sr. Oil Company Revealed
By Russ Baker & Jonathan Z. Larsen – Real News Project (Jan 8, 2007)

Hedge Fund Borrowing Examined by US & European Regulators
By Rich Miller & Jesse Westbrook – Bloomberg News (Jan 9, 2007)

Gates Foundation Causing Harm With the Same Money it Uses to Do Good
An Interview – Democracy Now! (Jan 9, 2007)

Thank Goldman Sachs, Not Weather, For Oil Price Plunge
By Michael Norman – NY Post (Jan 8, 2007)

911 WTC Links to Russian-Jewish Mafia Revealed
By Wayne Madsen – (Jan 2, 2007)

Seven Indicted New Orleans Officers Surrender
AP Article – (Jan 4, 2007)

Digital Gold and a Flawed Global Economic Order
By Benn Steil – Financial Times, London (Jan 5, 2007)

Who Killed the Electric Car?
A Film on DVD

The United States is Insolvent
By Dr. Chris Mortenson (Dec 17, 2006)

“Fixing” The War
By Tom Engelhardt –

Planet Hazard
Learn about unknown hazards around you!