Transcript of The Non-Revolution in Digital Payments with Eric Hughes is now available to Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: I first met Eric Hughes in the early ‘90s. I used to go to Esther Dyson’s PC Forum. I’d run into him there. I’d run into him out in San Francisco. He was at the time a brilliant mathematician from Berkeley and one of the founders of Cypherpunks and an entrepreneur and I think to me one of the most knowledgeable people about financial payment systems and their relation to sort of new digital technology and also just a very powerful intellect and a lion-hearted person. So I got to know Eric back then and hadn’t seen him for quite some time, and when I decided we really needed to do a Solari Report on the digital systems, I called Eric in Utah and said, “Okay, can I get you on the Solari Report?” and he said, “Yes.” So with no further ado, Eric, thank you so much for joining us on the Solari Report.

Eric: Well, thank you. Hi, Catherine.

Catherine: Hi. So how in the world did you get interested in payment systems?

Eric: From privacy issues when Tim May and I dreamed up Cypherpunks in the summer of ’92 before we had our first meeting, we were focused principally on two technologies at the time for anonymous communications and anonymous payments. I ended up focusing on payments for a lot of my Cypherpunk activism. It ended up being mostly research, not a lot of fielded systems, because as I dug into it, it just kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper in terms of what you had to know in order to actually pull something off.