What Is the Solari Report?

A live one-hour briefing with Catherine Austin Fitts

  • Takes place on each Thursday of the month, except for the last Thursday.
  • Listen live at 9:00 pm ET, 8:00 pm CT, 7:00 pm MT, 6:00 pm PT.
  • Additional Special Reports may take place several times a year.

    Solari Report Times Worldwide

    How Does the Solari Report Work?

    Each Solari Report is conducted in a friendly radio talk-show style featuring Catherine Austin Fitts and her guests or a guest host interviewing Catherine. The Reports span a wide variety of illuminating and instructive topics. Solari Reports are either pre-recorded using conference call technology or recorded live with a guest that calls in by phone.

    Reports are typically 60 minutes long and include, in this order:

    1. A brief welcome and current money and market news
    2. The interview: usually 45 minutes
    3. “Ask Catherine” 10 minutes of questions & answers
    4. “Let’s Go To The Movies” review

    How Do I Access and Listen to the Report?

    You can listen live via phone, online, or using Skype.

    About 24-hours after each Audio Report is recorded, it is posted as an MP3 at the Audio Archive Page in a private area of our web site, which is password protected for your benefit.

    Everything you need to get the most out of your Solari Report is available on our web site to browse, listen to, or download at your leisure after your order is confirmed. To access the audio recording directly from our web site, simply click on the link provided for listening or downloading the MP3 file — at your convenience, any time, as often as you like. The entire archive is immediately available after you receive order confirmation, except for upcoming or new releases, which are typically available 24 to 48 hours after the recording date. (Note: you can download the Report onto an iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 player device to share with family and friends.) The content is copyrighted, so we urge you not to e-mail it or upload it to the internet.

    How Soon and How Often Can I Listen to the Report?

    For upcoming reports and live or new releases, the online resources are available on our web site for you to browse generally 1 to 3 days prior to the recording date, the audio program is posted within 24 to 48 hours of the recording session. Listen at your leisure, as many times as you want!

    What Else Do I Get With My Solari Report Subscription?

    1. Access to the entire Solari Report audio archive of previous calls

    Over 80 reports in all, dating back to December 11th of 2008, and featuring dozens of guests sharing their expertise in these areas:

    • Finance
    • Investment
    • International banking
    • Global economy
    • Precious metals
    • GEOpolitics
    • Health
    • Permaculture
    • Mortgage markets
    • Technology

    View topics and entire list of guests here.

    2. Access to the Precious Metals Market Report Library

    An archive of 24 different Precious Metals Market Reports with Franklin Sanders and other precious metals resources. Some examples include:

    • Current market and stress on economies
    • Food and freedom
    • Predictions for silver in 2011
    • More history: Money and agriculture
    • Managing in the midst of volatility
    • Precious metals in a contract
    • How to trade the gold silver ratio
    • What we might expect of the metals market going forward
    • Catherine’s revised high price for gold
    • Solari Silver & Gold Payment Calculator
    • Precious metals and local economies
    • Special Resource: Options for Storing Precious Metals
    • The big picture for precious metals
    • When to buy gold and silver
    • Importance of controlling your own personal assets
    • Connecting the dots regarding the decline of local farm income
    • When to buy, when to sell
    • Pay off the mortgage or buy gold
    • Is now the right time to buy
    • The inflation adjusted price of gold and silver
    • Options for an IRA or tax-managed account to own physical precious metals
    • Key dates and principles of U.S. monetary history
    • Historical performance of the stock market vs precious metals
    • The Federal Reserve: frequently asked questions
    • Traveling with gold coins
    • Exchange traded funds (ETFs) – is the gold and silver really in inventory?
    • Trading the gold-silver ratio
    • Ten Commandments of gold and silver buying
    • Financial coup d’etat and your 401k

    3. Access to The Complete Collection of Solari Audio Seminars

    There are 17 audio seminars included, each with its own MP3 file. Your collection includes the following seminars. The event resources homepage for each seminar includes everything you need to get the most out of that seminar including the audio recording, course description and outline, and all the accompanying course materials and instructions.

    1. Positioning Your Assets for Growth in Uncertain Times
    ©2008 (Two Parts, 72 minutes Each)

    2. Navigate the Falling Dollar
    An Introductory Lecture ©2004 (80 minutes)

    3. Precious Metals II: Investing in Coins
    Second in our Precious Metals Miniseries ©2005 (75 minutes)

    4. Precious Metals III: Investing in Digital Gold
    Third in our Precious Metals Miniseries with James Turk ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    5. Getting Started With Coming Clean
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    6. Navigate the Housing Bubble
    A Two-Part Audio Seminar ©2005 (75 Minutes Each)

    7. Building Real Wealth
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    8. Prosperity Consciousness 101
    ©2005 with Fredric Lehrman (75 Minutes)

    9. Where Would Jesus Bank (And Other Good Folks, Too)?
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    10. Building Healthy Communities: Spotlight Kalispell
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    11. Beyond SRI I: Is SRI Hazardous to Our Wealth?
    First in our Beyond SRI Miniseries with Harry Blazer ©2005 (70 Minutes)

    12. Beyond SRI II: Solari Portfolio Strategy
    Second in our Beyond SRI Miniseries ©2006 (78 Minutes)

    13. Building Your Lifeboats: Surviving & Thriving in Risky Times
    with Franklin Sanders ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    14. Power Economics 101
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    15. The Real Economic Hit Men
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    16. Narco Dollars for Beginners
    ©2005 (75 Minutes)

    17. Introducing Jon Rappoport
    Investigative Journalist ©2006 (75 Minutes)

    4. Access to latest Special Solari Report on Precious Metals

    PRECIOUS METALS—The Top Ten Dates in American History, is a 42-page Special Solari Report based on a series of interviews with Franklin Sanders, conducted over a period of a year by Catherine Austin Fitts.

    5. Access to master links to Written Reports and Articles

    Catherine and the Solari team write special Reports on particularly important issues impacting your wealth — all designed to help protect your assets and build family wealth.

    List of Written Reports and Articles here.

    6. Access to all of the eBooks published by Solari

    As they become available, all subscribers receive FREE, a downloadable copy of every eBook that we produce.

    7. List of movies reviewed on “Let’s Go To The Movies”

    Plus, Our List of Documentaries (and One Movie) to Help You Organize Conspiracies to Grow Fresh Food, Finance the Gardeners and Farmers Who Do, and Inspire the Children You Love to Eat Fresh Food.

    8. Investment Strategies for Changing Times DVD

    As a Solari Report Subscriber you have access to the full streamed version of Catherine’s October 2011 video presentation “Investment Strategies for Changing Times.”

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