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Our Criteria for Choosing a Homebase

  January 21, 2006

Criteria developed for Catherine's First Solari Investor Circle Simulation for Choosing a Family Homebase

DISCLAIMER: Do not use this or anyone else's criteria.
It is critical to develop your own criteria from scratch.

Before you begin investing locally or globally, it is crucial to first be sure you are living where you want to invest, and then to build up from there. Begin by choosing the place that's right for you, and then investing in your homebase in a way that lowers your expenses and debt while increasing self-sufficiency. What you learn in this process will inform all your other investments as you build your financially intimate portfolio literally from the ground up using the Solari Portfolio Strategy. We hope you will find the following pointers useful in constructing your own personal criteria for choosing your homebase.

1. Who Do You Want to Share Your Life With?

Who are your neighbors? Are there people who will take responsibility for cultivating a high Popsicle index? Is there a high portion of family and community oriented people. What are the human resources in that place – is there healthy diversity of background, knowledge and age groups? Are people resourceful – can they build, maintain and operate all the systems that we use? Do they understand the “real deal?” Who is the local leadership of business, government, enforcement and essential services? Do you have close family and friends nearby that you can count on? Are there people who would pose risk to you?

2. What are the Self-Sufficiency, Quality and Costs of Essential Resources and Services?

Fresh/organic food, water, air, health, alternative energy, transportation systems and municipal services, including fire, emergency, sewage and waste. Is a four season growing possible? Is hunting game and fishing available? What about firewood?

3. What are the Cultural, Educational and Spiritual Resources and Health of the Place?

  • Activities
  • Leadership
  • Institutions
  • General Culture
  • Always good to be near good colleges, community colleges
        and universities – particularly interested in sustainability
  • 4. Is the Environment Healthy and Beautiful?

  • Natural beauty
  • Quality and altitude of land
  • Quality of plants and animals
  • Availability of parks and wild lands
  • Land and weather patterns and risks:
        Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes
  • Availability of outdoor activities, sports and exercise facilities
  • Energy needs vs. local
  • Commitment of local leadership to supporting environment
  • 5. Are the Local Jurisdictions Respectful of Property Rights?

  • Is local law enforcement and judicial leadership loyal to
        local leadership or national corporate and government
  • Likelihood of change in laws harmful to you:
        Draft, capital controls, taxes, eminent domain
  • Shall we leave the US? Is there a safe place to go?
  • Should we have a backup?
  • 6. Local Economic Health and Vitality

  • Local/regional employment opportunities
  • Local financial institutions
  • Local business
  • Local farms
  • Local education, training and skills
  • Local library
  • Local media
  • Local associations and clubs
  • Local investment activities and opportunities
  • Local “learning metabolism” and core competencies
  • 7. What are the special risks?

  • Special environmental problems
  • Military installations
  • Financial dependency on narcotics trafficking
        and organized crime
  • Population growth/high rates of immigration
  • Dirty tricks
  • Average TV time
  • Heavy electromagnetic pollution/cell towers
  • Chemtrails
  • 8. Bottom Line – What is the Popsicle Index?

  • Factors causing it to rise – above 0%
  • Factors causing it to fall – below 100%