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Coming clean means shifting our time, our attention, our spending and investing away from the "tapeworm economy" and into a financially intimate economy and a wonderful world. Coming clean is about taking responsibility for raising our "popsicle index" to 100%. Coming clean is a process that helps us gain mastery and take action – individually and together in our families, circles, communities, and networks of trust.

Solari funds the development of freely available materials that members of the Solari Action Network use to put the solari ideas into practice in a manner that strengthens individual and community financial sustainability. These materials dovetail with our Solari Audio Seminars, through which we are building a curriculum and toolkit in support of the above.

We welcome and encourage ideas and initiatives for individuals as well as for local groups to take action together.


What our money touches, we touch. What our money does, we do. And we want to take advantage of the power of that intimacy to do better, both for ourselves and for the world. Financial intimacy is about working through networks of trust which are intimate for all your transactions – spending, investing, financing, donations, learning – based on intimate knowledge and a heartfelt connection. You're using your money to create an intimate world.


Do you still bank at a large bank? Switch to a well managed local bank – it's the single greatest point of leverage you have as a consumer!


Local organic farming is everybody's bread and butter! Who are your farmers? Where can you find local fresh food? Are you ready to dig in and grow your own? See what some communities have done to bring culinary intimacy to their place, and look for similar resources in your area, or create your own:

  1. Directories:  Farm Trails, Farmers Markets, CSA's
  2. Guidebook:  The Organic Guide to the Wine Country
  3. Learning:  Organic Farming and Permaculture, Common Ground, OAEC
  4. Lecture Slides:  Who's Your Farmer? Going Local With Financial Intimacy

Concerned about your investments? What are the risks and strategies you are not learning about from your advisor or the mainstream press? See:

  1. Articles Questions to Inform Investment Strategy
  2. Audio Seminars Navigate the Falling Dollar, The Investors Collection
  3. Lecure Slides Solari Portfolio Strategy
  4. Resources For the Investment Community

Where's the money in your neighborhood going?
Do you know how the money works in your place yet? If we want a wonderful economy and a wonderful world, we need to start in our own backyard understanding the money flows and the opportunities to reengineer that flow into flourishing local living economies. See:

  1. Sample Data Collected in Welcome to Kalispell
  2. Audio Seminar Building Healthy Communities: Spotlight Kalispell, MT
  3. Lecture Slides Who's Your Farmer? Going Local With Financial Intimacy

We highlighted 21 opportunities for coming clean from the "tapeworm economy" while creating wealth and well being for you, your family, your community, and your planet. See:

  1. Handout Coming Clean! Building a Wonderful World From the Inside Out
  2. Audio Seminar Getting Started With Coming Clean

Consider bringing the above initiatives to your local community, forming a small group of trusted family, friends and neighbors to embark on this together. We are currently drafting a starter kit and set of guidelines for Solari Circles – action groups focused on exploring what it means to "come clean" and "vote with our money" where we live and work, and taking action together. Members who wish to invest funds together can incorporate as a local investment club focused on local and sustainable investments.

Step #1
First free up 2-4 hours per week to invest in your transformation
Would turning off the TV free up some time? How about cancelling the daily paper, or batching up your errands to cut out 1-2 trips to the store every week?
Step #2
Next invest that time to figure out how to start saving $100-200 per month, and/or reducing debt by $100-200 per month
Step #3
Now use that newfound time and money to invest in learning more, going local, and building real wealth
Step #4
Keep learning about coming clean and voting with your money!
Visit our Forum and sign up for free Solari updates. Order Solari Audio Seminars to share with your Circle.
Step #5
Turbocharge your learning curve in a Solari Circle!
Line up a few of your trustworthy friends and loved ones to learn about coming clean, going local, and building real wealth together.

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