Shifting from Tapeworm Economics to Solari Economics

The following “map” introduces 4 strategic areas of opportunity that help shrink the Tapeworm and/or increase our family and community wealth worldwide by raising the Tapeworm’s cost of capital*, and lowering our cost of capital.  Within each area of opportunity, we have listed specific actions and transactions that have potential to help generate profit, save time, increase equity or otherwise support the goals of sustained increases in family and local power and wealth. Draining the Tapeworm becomes a profitable opportunity and as the Tapeworm shrinks so does its destruction of living and financial wealth. Hence, total wealth grows. (For more on the Tapeworm see Negative ROI Economy Articles.)

Use this map to inform opportunities where it is to your advantage to shrink the Tapeworm and/or build a wonderful world.  



Tapeworm Economics
How We Feed the Tapeworm,
Shrink Total Wealth,
 Drain our Energy & Wealth

Solari Economics
How We Shrink the Tapeworm,
Grow Total Wealth,
Build our Energy & Wealth


Lowers Their /  Raises Our
Cost of Capital

Raises Their
Cost of Capital

Lowers Our
Cost of Capital

I. Sound money

·   Using the dollar and other centrally controlled currencies



·   Transact with

·   Invest in gold and silver coins

·   Develop Community Currencies

·   Ensure local mastery and ownership of critical natural resources and commodities to support Community Currencies

II. Transparency/ Privacy

·   Letting government, corporations and non profits know more about us than we know about them, for example:

·   Banking, purchasing and investing with companies without understanding how they support the Tapeworm in waging economic warfare.

·   Sending taxes to our government without the benefit of audited financial statements, as required by law, or financial and performance reports showing how public resources work in our neighborhood 

·   Donating and participating in private foundations, universities, churches and non profits that use endowments and our donations to profit from economic warfare.

·   Not knowing how to protect our privacy, including our financial data.

·   Not understanding the dirty tricks used by the Tapeworm

·   Fighting a losing battle against drugs and fraud in our neighborhoods without understanding how central the profits of these activities are to the companies, churches, universities, and non profits supporting the  Tapeworm Economy  

·   Support media and government leaders who promote transparency and accountability and protect the privacy of citizens

·   Use tools like the Internet Hotseat or Deception Dollars to promote transparency and accountability

·   Organize attorneys to determine our rights of common law offset to ensure our tax dollars are spent lawfully (ref)



·   Make place-based financial data available to our neighborhoods using Community Wizard like tools

·   Ensure privacy of transactions within a community via neighborhood Solari Investment Advisor and Databank

·   Acquire financial literacy alone or through Solari Investor Circles

·   Learn about dirty tricks and develop way of protecting each other from them

III. Vote with our Money / Resources

·   Our deposits, purchases, donations, investments, and media attention and advertising are divorced from our personal values and political choices

·   Our attempts at socially responsible investment are based on analysis which lacks an understanding of covert cash flows and operations

·   Our community development model promotes corporate control that shrinks community wealth

·   Boycotts

·   Investment Screens, including the Solari Net Energy Minus Index

·   Disbar bad actors from government contracts, grants and subsidies

·   Start Coming Clean! including: 

·   Avoid doing business or associating with economic hit men and women

·   Switch to well managed local banks

·   Track how our local bank does, support their management, support their customers

·   Switch purchases and investments to responsible companies, churches, universities and foundations**.

·   Start a Solari Investor Circle and develop "back to basic" investment strategies that increase your wealth


IV. Equity

·   Feeding the Tapeworm with mounting credit card, consumer, mortgage, and government debt

·   Denying small business access to financial equity markets

·   Keeping cost of capital for citizens & small business much higher than for corporations and government in an uneconomic manner

·   Some Mortgage Elimination Programs

·   Some Credit Card Elimination Programs

·   Pop Whacking

·   Shareholder Activism

·   Eliminate credit card and consumer debt

·   Invest in helping trusted neighbors and family eliminate credit card and consumer debt

·   Identify profitable investment opportunities financing local and small business and farmers

·   Use Solari Investor Circles and a Solari Investment Advisor and Databank to make equity available locally




*What is Cost of Capital?

It’s the energy or effort it takes to generate money – in other words what it costs to make money, do a deal, borrow money, finance a business, etc.

So for example, if I commute 3 hours each way to work, my cost of capital – my cost of getting money from my job – is much higher than for my co-workers who only commute 20 minutes each way. Similarly, if you buy a $20,000 car on a dealer loan at 3% interest, and I buy one at 0% interest, you will end up paying $938.32  in interest and I’ll pay $0.00 – your cost of capital, or cost to get the money to buy the car, is that much higher than mine. In fact, since my cost of capital is lower, I can get more options on my car and still make the same car payments as you. 

A third example is the cost of capital for criminals. Trillions of dollars have disappeared from the US Treasury, and roughly $500 billion in sales from drug trafficking and organized crime is laundered through US banks and businesses every year. For the high rollers, the personal cost of amassing this wealth is negligible compared with the rewards -- their cost of capital is extremely low. However, if a concerted media campaign and Department of Justice effort were launched to expose the criminals, follow the money trail, and hold the leaders accountable, and at the same time if you and I could make selling drugs in our neighborhoods unattractive (it is after all in our neighborhoods where most crime is transacted), then we would drive their cost of capital way up, because now the risk of running those businesses would be too high.



**  “responsible” means screen out companies that have bad business practices or have not demonstrated non-participation in money laundering and black budget activities