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  In a Tapeworm Economy, a small group of insiders consolidate political and economic power at the expense of people, living things and our environment in a manner that destroys real wealth. A Tapeworm Economy is one in which it is considered acceptable to make money from doing things that cause the Popsicle Index to go down. Those who achieve money and power by driving the Popsicle Index down are considered socially acceptable, even admired. In investment terms, it is an economy with a negative return on investment. It is parasitic in nature.

The first step in moving to financial intimacy is to reduce our complicity and to navigate away from The Tapeworm. The second step is to identify opportunities to reduce risks and shift power and resources in decentralizing ways to ourselves, our family and our network and to a wider world that represent excellence and sound investments of our time and money.

To take these steps, it helps to see The Tapeworm clearly and how Tapeworm political and financial interests --- both overt and covert -- are woven throughout our lives, our networks and assets.

Catherine Austin Fitts has collaborated with reporters, researchers, and publishers globally to illuminate the financing and mechanics of The Tapeworm Economy. In the process, she has published articles and recorded interviews. A selection is listed below.

Case Study of Tapeworm Economics:
Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits

Audio Seminars:
The Real Deal Collection

Mapping the Real Deal Column in Scoop Media:
Catherine Austin Fitts – The Real Deal

Introducing The Tapeworm and Tapeworm Economics

  1. Our Children’s Popsicle Index is Falling
  2. Our Natural Resources Are Threatened by Privatization and Environmental Threats
  3. Our Precious Metals and Financial Markets are Manipulated
  4. Our Retirement Savings and Benefits are Being Drained
  5. Our Jobs, Small Businesses and Farms and Retirement Savings Are Being Drained
  6. Our Cultural & Spiritual Vitality is Being Drained
  7. Corporate Media is Part of The Tapeworm
  8. Universities and Foundations are Operating as Investment Syndicates to Support The Tapeworm
  9. Suppression of Energy, Health Care & Other Sustainable Technology
  10. Perpetual War/$1 Trillion Per Year of Global Military Spending
  11. Centralized Governments, Banks and Corporations are Engaging in Criminal Partnerships
  12. Dirty Tricks Are Compromising our Personal & Collective Sovereignty


The Missing Money:







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