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"A negative economy is like having a hole in the milk bucket;
it's time we fixed the hole and filled up the bucket!"
Catherine Austin Fitts


There's a Hole in the Milk Bucket

Right now, the global financial system is draining our communities of precious resources, while concentrating shrinking wealth and control at the top. This is more evident each day as we work harder to stay afloat, facing rising debt, diminishing healthcare benefits, retirement insecurity, longterm unemployment, major budget deficits and cutbacks at all levels of government, ever more serious threats to the environment, with increasing corruption, poverty, violence, and death worldwide. Our local businesses are being overrun by enormous chain stores whose profits and management reside in distant corporate offices, our food supply is threatened as our local family farms are being overrun by high polluting, high government subsidy, high tech agribusiness, while our water rights are being sold off to private profiteers. We are living in an unsustainable, negative economy.

What is causing the drain? The primary forces at work include: massive mishandling of our hard-earned tax dollars and government credit; runaway corporate practices that are extractive, destructive, expansionist and unethical, such as predatory debt financing, bulldozing the rainforests, plantation-style agribusiness, backed by military and paramilitary strongarming of citizens and whole governments who stand in the way; outright corruption and organized crime; and, finally, we the people who have collectively allowed this system to continue to gain power.

No matter what your primary concern, from protecting your retirement and healthcare benefits or saving your family farm, to solving world hunger, peace and social justice, you will find this drain to be the fundamental driving force behind the problem. In other words, funadmentally we have one problem that is expressed in a wide array of alarming symptoms.

A negative economy is like having a hole in the milk bucket; it's time we fixed the hole and filled up the bucket!

For further background on the causes and risks of a negative economy see:

Fixing the Milk Bucket

Our mission at Solari is to foster a "reverse globalization" — people working together to transform the drain into a sustainable, positive economy, managing the flow of money and resources at the local level in our neighborhoods and villages all around the world, in those places where we live and work and raise our children and have a vested interest in our surroundings and overall quality of life.

The Solari Opportunity

The Solari opportunity is to reverse the drain by shifting wealth and power to the local levels, and creating opportunities to grow more wealth in ways that are beneficial and healing for the environment and our families and communities. More specifically, the Solari opportunity is to:

(1) facilitate the emergence of local Solari Circles, Solari Investor Circles, and Solaris in every village, town, and city neighborhood that is willing to take the initiative to make healthy local living economies the best investment worldwide, while protecting local businesses, farms, and natural resources from predatory activity; and,

(2) to hold corrupt and complicit leaders accountable, to protect honest leaders, and to make financial data about public and private resources readily available.

In addition to expanding local investment opportunities and attracting private investors (local, regional, and global), local solari leaders are encouraged to investigate sources and uses of public funds in their place from all levels of government, and reengineer those resources to benefit their communities and investors. Besides what is in the government budgets, there is a real opportunity to recover some portion of the trillions of dollars which the federal government has reported missing from their coffers (see Where is the Money? Petition and Hotseat).

By illuminating the opportunity to generate significant capital gains from healing our environment and our quality of life, and from unleashing small business and local productivity, we seek to fashion a new alliance between global investors and communities.

For further background on the opportunity to shift to a positive economy see: