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  March 7, 2007  
Inspired by the folks at, I am reading and writing more these days on Mission Investing -- the practice of aligning endowment investment policy with organizational mission. I am posting the top picks from that reading at my blog. This week's favorite:  If Pigs Had Wings.

In Top Picks is the recent news from a rough patch in the financial markets:

As the idea of switching banks has been picked up by a number of groups, we are leaving our free offer on Where Would Jesus Bank? open. If you have not accessed it yet, it provides a great checklist on helping you find an excellent local bank:
Download the "Where Would Jesus Bank?" audio seminar
 (Free MP3)

-- Catherine Austin Fitts    

March 13, 2007, 7AM PST- Radio Interview
The Bill Meyer Show (KMED/Clear Channel) - Medford, Oregon

March 13, 2007, 9AM PST- Radio Interview
Jefferson Exchange Guest Hour with Jeff Golden

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March 15 & 17, 2007 - Ashland, Oregon
Ashland Springs Hotel
Lecture:  Are You Creating the Future You Deserve and Desire?
Thursday, March 15, 7pm

Workshop:  Moving from Observer to Player -- Creating the Future You Deserve and Desire
Saturday, Mar 17, 9am -12 Noon
How we use our daily attention, our transactions, and our influence with those around us can support the very people and institutional behavior that we say we oppose -- or it can shift the course of history.    Learn more about this event ...


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