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April 11, 2007  

Here are some recent pieces that offer excellent insight to help you and your family understand what a falling dollar means and to navigate the growing risks.

-- Catherine Austin Fitts    
Got Stock Certificates ???

Read Catherine's Blog ...Has the time come to consider taking physical delivery of our stock certificates? It appears that Wall Street
is selling stock that does not exist. Jim Puplava’s broadcast on March 31 on Financial Sense News Hour covers Naked Short Selling
with Patrick Byrne, the CEO of

  Latest Article ...
  Read the article on Scoop Media ...I recently wrote a letter to the CEO of a continuing care retirement community. I realized subsequently that the letter described a situation that many retirees—as well as business and municipal leaders—are managing, and that there was merit in publishing a copy of it. As will be obvious, the names have been changed to protect the innocent, competent, and busy.
  Watch Money As Debt ...

Watch Money As Debt ...Money as Debt is an animated cartoon by artist and videographer Paul Grignon that makes our financial system understandable. It is a great tool for a house party. One way to develop your Solari Circle would be to invite friends to watch this presentation and discuss what you've learned.

  Watch the DVD on Google Video ...

Watch this presentation on Google Video ...Navigate the Falling Dollar is now on Google Video. This presentation provides a framework for protecting your family and your assets in the face of $$ trillions missing from the US government and the deterioration of the US credit, while building new wealth in ways that help transform our world. This video offers a great opportunity for a house party and group discussion.


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