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May 11, 2007  


Want to start a community currency by "just doing it?" As more and more of us buy silver and gold coins, there are increasing opportunities to use our coins to transact.

Whenever I travel, I bring back coins from around the world to give to the children and young people in my life. I am hoping to interest them in far away places and the role of currency in networking us together. For Christmas and birthdays, I also give them gold and silver coins. Increasingly, I wanted a tool that would make translating between US dollars and precious metal coins effortless.

One day I was talking with Franklin Sanders about how to make this easy for me. He said that he thought there were many folks who would transact with gold and silver coins if they had a simple calculator. So we decided to build a web site to provide one -- We called it that because, in fact, silver and gold are money. If we use our coins to transact in our daily lives, then the value of the currency in our pockets is going up rather than going down like the US dollar.

- Catherine Austin Fitts    


I will be interviewed with Franklin Sanders on Monday, May 14 by Chris G. Waltzek on the Goldseek Radio Show. The show will be archived here: Franklin and I will be discussing our new calculator at and why we believe our calculator could help protect Main Street from Wall Street.

  Here it is -- The Solari-Moneychanger precious metals exchange calculator that can be accessed online. It features live silver / gold spot prices courtesy of The BETA version of this calculator can be viewed at We'd love to hear your comments and ideas for improvement -- just use the link at the top of the calculator.
  Haven't started transacting in silver and gold coins yet? Listen to Catherine's audio seminar featuring precious metals expert Franklin Sanders of the Moneychanger. This seminar covers the political and economic landscape of precious metals as a backdrop for developing your own strategy for using precious metals in your transactions and investments. (This is the second audio seminar in the Precious Metals Miniseries.)

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