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June 6, 2007  


The Tapeworm's financial merry-go-round continues. The insiders borrow and raise capital at below-market rates and use the money to buy up real things: companies rich with intellectual capital, farmland, water, precious metals, oil, gas and other natural resources.

Amidst the fever, citizens are getting smarter. The Money Masters, Money as Debt and other video favorites on the failings of the financial system are circulating online. After Al Jazeera ran an interview with me on rigged markets, our Navigate the Falling Dollar video made its way into the top 100 on Google Video. Congressman Ron Paul, the Presidential candidate promoting sound money policies, continues to attract online support.

It is a good time to extend a free offer for one of my all time favorite Solari Audio Seminars -- Building Real Wealth -- our interview with Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger. Rather than let resources be bought out from under us, why not find the diamonds in our own backyard?

- Catherine Austin Fitts    


We live in an abundant world. However, we have built an economy where making money all too often destroys our real wealth -- our environment, our communities, our health, our skill base and our financial well-being. In this seminar, Franklin Sanders helps us see the difference between chasing "money profits" in a political economy and enjoying financial prosperity by growing real wealth.

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