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  August 29, 2006    


The Tapeworm is my nickname for the insider system that runs our current political economy and financial system. A Tapeworm Economy is one in which a few insiders hoard knowledge and power and, in so doing, conspire to subsidize themselves at the expense of everyone and everything else.

The way a tapeworm works is to inject a chemical into its host which causes the host to crave what is good for the parasite and bad for the host. As with our bodies, so with our body politic. As we believe corporate media and "official" news reports, the Tapeworm consolidates power in a manner that liquidates real wealth -- people, our environment and our economic productivity.

What can we do to shift out of this downward spiral and move towards a new sustainable world? First, we can see the Tapeworm. As we do, we begin to see how we are supporting the system in daily choices we make as we invest our time, our attention and our transactions. This helps us understand our power. Second, we can start to shift our hearts and minds, then our attention and support to those who are illuminating both the Tapeworm and the steps we can take to reverse the Tapeworm's drain. This brings us into networks so that we are not alone and can move in the same direction. Third, we can act in our own lives in ways that are practical and energizing for us. This reduces the drain in our lives, which further increases our power to understand, to network and to act.

A lot of pretty cool people have been catching the Tapeworm red-handed. We thought we would forward some top picks for you. What drains the Tapeworm is turning negative return-on-investments into positive ones. So we focus on the positive that authentic leaders are doing to show you how to remove the Tapeworm from your mind, your life and your pocketbook!

-- Catherine Austin Fitts


New Zogby Poll on Electronic Voting Attitudes
By Michael Collins
Scoop Media (Aug 21, 2006)

The Zogby polls confirm what we see and hear. Americans are much smarter and more unified than corporate media would have us believe. Special thanks to election rights and business law attorney Paul Lehto of Everett, Washington who commissioned the poll.

Americans know that rigged voting systems dovetail with corporate media and investment to enrich the Tapeworm. Recent US government accounts demonstrate runaway corporate welfare.

Major Arms Soar to Twice Pre-9/11 Cost
By Bryan Bender
The Boston Globe (Aug 19, 2006)

Is the corporate defense establishment complicit in the death of 3,000 New Yorkers to double its revenues and exponentially increase its return on investment? Check out Kyle Hence’s excellent new documentary on the courageous role of the 9/11 families in illuminating the unanswered questions of 9/11.

9/11: Press for Truth -- Trailer
By Producers Kyle Hence and Rory O'Connor, Filmmakers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy.

Unpacking the money game between politicians and private investors slows down the Tapeworm. Enter Lucy Komisar -- one of the best investigative reporters on the planet today – to launch her new website. First new story up is about Andrew Cuomo – who is running for Attorney General in New York. This is a government office deeply involved in the continued supression of the truth of 9//11 and federal financial fraud.

Fees for Our Friends: the Scandal that Taints Andrew Cuomo
By Lucy Komisar
The Komisar Scoop (Aug 22, 2006)

So what to do about a runaway Tapeworm? Carolyn Baker takes a look at best practices emerging from the grassroots in Latin America.

Latin America Deconstructs The Tapeworm: Lessons From Financially-Drained Americans?
By Carolyn Baker
From the Wilderness (Aug 2006)

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Check out elections in your area at Any third party candidates to support? Any leaders addressing the voting systems issues effectively?


Tell a friend about Lucy, Kyle, Carolyn and the new, powerful free press they are building.


Learn more about The Experience of the Participative Budget in Porto Alegre Brazil– one of the most exciting reforms coming out of Latin America


Invite friends over to watch our DVD “Navigate the Falling Dollar” or a documentary that you feel will help get the conversation rolling. Have a potluck dinner or invite koha to fund making dinner. Talk about where the opportunities are to invest your time and money locally to protect your food systems, try out renewable energy and develop other critical resources.


Do you home school or supplement your kids learning? Raising our children to understand “how the money works” protects them from being drained by the Tapeworm. One of the members of our prayer team is using my Economics 101 curriculum to teach economics to her high school senior.


Ready to reverse the money flows with your investment dollars? Here’s a local investment concept looking for a group of experienced investors to figure it out how to bring it to ground. Or learn more about Solari Portfolio Strategy.

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