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  October 3, 2006    

Navigating the Falling Dollar and the Shift to Sustainability:
A Presentation and Workshop in Ashland Oregon
October 19 & 21

The deterioration in the fundamental worthiness of the US currency and our growing dependence on military force are symptoms that the US economy is not sustainable. While facing this failure may feel overwhelming, in our hearts we know that a new world is possible. Many American's have been quietly building this new world for years. Now the process is accelerating to gather support to their efforts. How do we journey together towards a sustainable world and how do we bring our assets and our communities with us? It is time to discuss an economic blueprint for what is possible and to build the networks that will make it so. It is time to organize our economic leverage to bring about real political and economic change.

-- Catherine Austin Fitts


Ashland, Oregon - October 19 and 21

"Navigating the Falling Dollar and the Shift to Sustainability" on October 19 will address steps individuals, families and communities can take to help survive and thrive during these uncertain and challenging times. The two-hour presentation is scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM in the Ballroom of the Ashland Springs Hotel. Tickets are $20.

Two-for-One Special
Register for the workshop on the 21st and attend the presentation on the 19th at no additional charge ($100 for both).

Space for the presentation and workshop is limited – it is recommended that tickets be reserved by calling Will at 888.286.2226.


There will also be a three-hour workshop on October 21, which will provide greater detail as to how the concepts addressed in the October 19th presentation can be practically applied in our everyday lives to save us time and money. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for individual questions to be addressed in detail.

Scheduled from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (also in the Ballroom of the Ashland Springs Hotel). Tickets for the workshop are $100.

Tickets may be reserved by calling Will at 888.286.2226.

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