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2009: The Year of the Great Vampire Squid

I just published an excerpt from my upcoming 2009 Year-End Wrap-Up proclaiming the best investment of the decade was President Obama’s election.

Bloomberg recently announced that gold was the best performing investment for the decade. They failed to mention that gold’s near 300% rise since 2000 could not compare to the exponential multiplication achieved in a much shorter period by the "squid’s" financing their Presidential candidate into the White House. Electing a Harvard lawyer who inspired the hopes and dreams of those who had been most brutally drained by the housing bubble and drug wars clearly was a stroke of financial genius.  Read my complete blog post here ...

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The Solari Report

On this week's Solari Report, I'll be doing a year-end wrap-up looking back at events in 2009, discussing the outlook for 2010, and translating the bigger picture into the risks and opportunities before us. Topics include:

  • 2009: The Year of the Great Vampire Squid
  • 2010: The Road Turns East
  • The Grand Chessboard
  • USA: The Grinding of the Gears
  • Cartel Watch, including Swine Flu, Health Reform, Cap & Trade and Food Safety
  • Navigating Markets
  • Family and Community Wealth
  • Risks and Wildcards
  • Opportunities

This will be a great report for understanding the trends driving successful strategies for both family and business. Don't miss it!

You can learn more about The Solari Report and subscribe here. The Solari Report is recorded live. MP3 files are posted at the Subscriber Control Panel the next day and subscribers may access our full archive.

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