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As unnerving as learning about it may be, mind control is a topic essential to your health and safety. To protect yourself, you must protect your mind and maintain an accurate map of the world around you—including the ways that others are trying to use your mind as a weapon against you.
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“Your greatest weapon is in your enemy’s mind.”
—The Buddha   

Mind control is one of those topics often excluded from polite conversation. It requires us to face the fact that we and the people we love are being manipulated by something that our current education and social status—and even local law enforcement—-may not be able to protect us from. It is a topic that can be overwhelming, even terrifying.

The first step toward protecting ourselves is to be able to understand our environment, make decisions clearly, and act in our own best interest—even organize with others to do so.

On this week’s Solari Report, I will present a specially prepared briefing, “A Layman’s Guide to Mind Control.” I will introduce the topic of mind control and its various aspects, review its history, and discuss current applications that create risk to you and your assets.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review two movies about mind control: The Manchurian Candidate and Telefon (see videos below). I will also review the best books, documentaries and movies—-which I have distilled from hundreds of sources—-to help you explore and master this important topic. A recommended list will be posted in the subscriber area along with the audio file.

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