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The U.S. recently announced that the federal deficit will hit an all time high, even after keeping Fannie and Freddie deficits off-budget and off-balance sheet. Meantime, the dollar is up and gold is off 10+% from its December high. More than a few people are scratching their heads and asking “What just happened?”

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On this Thursday's Solari Report, Franklin Sanders and I will join you for a Precious Metals Market Report. Indeed, it is a good time to look at fundamentals and intrigue in the global financial and commodities markets.

In the Money & Markets segment, I'll cover the following financial news:

  • Europe: Sovereign debt challenges in the European Union
  • America: The federal deficit balloons while states consider bankruptcy or federal takeovers as budget balancing options
  • Asia: Global central bankers meet in Australia
  • Covert Trade Wars: The U.S. goes to war with Europe over bank data, with China over weapon sales, and protects its GM investment by mugging the leading foreign competitor on safety issues.
  • Disaster Capitalism: Haiti fundraising grows invasive but is the money getting through?
  • Good News: The USDA concedes defeat on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

Our team has also prepared a special report on the U.S. 2010 Census and what it means to you.

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Spring’s Just Around the Corner
In northwest Montana today it’s 40 degrees. That’s just over the cusp of allowable Spring thinking. Back when it was really cold. . .I pondered the question of year-round gardening. The topic begs thought because of the brevity of our growing season.

The 2010 Census
The Census is conducted on April 1 every ten years under the authority of Title 13 of the U.S. Code, Section 141, which provides that the Secretary of Commerce has authority to take a census in form and content as he may determine.

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