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An Interview with George Noory Microphone

What would it be like to spend many years digging into every fascinating area of our world, particularly the topics that corporate media dare not touch? Of all the things that George Noory has learned, what does he think is the most important for us to understand?

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With three million weekly listeners, Coast to Coast AM is the most listened to overnight radio program in North America. The program's commanding market share reflects its host's passionate interest in exploring every topic under the sun (and in the galaxy), in seeking out experts from all walks of life, and in offering a wide selection of opinions and points-of-view. That’s good, as Coast to Coast listeners are open-minded and fiercely independent.

On this week’s Solari Report, we will be talking with the host of Coast to Coast AM, George Noory. We'll discuss his new book, Journey to the Light and we'll also talk about what George sees ahead in 2010 and over the next decade.

This Solari Report is going to be a valuable one, so don’t miss it! I graduated from an Ivy League college, and, to be perfectly frank, I have learned more listening to Coast to Coast AM.

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The Federal Reserve's Exit Strategy: Unlegislated Bailout of Fannie and Freddie

UK Businesses Threaten to Pull Out of China Over Protectionism

Obama Administration Turns to Foreign Investors to Help Fund Housing Market

Bharti Eyes Africa in $11 Billion Bid For Zain Assets

U.S. is Still Top Destination For Foreign Direct Investment

Bank of England Falsified Gold Data to Rig Interest Rates From 1925-31

Rep. Bass Introduces Resolution in Support of Constitutional County Sheriffs

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NWO Prototyping in Greece
In an attempt to rein in the shadow economy and collect more tax revenue, Greece outlaws cash transactions greater than 1500 Euros.

Virginia Delegates Pass Bill Banning Chip Implants
Concerns over privacy have aligned with apocalyptic Biblical prophecy in a proposed Virginia law that limits the use of microchip implants on humans because of a lawmaker’s concern that the chips will prove to be the Antichrist’s “mark of the beast.”

FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish
Another drama against the Amish began as agents of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration came onto the property of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer, without permission, claiming to be conducting an investigation.

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