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"Since the end of 1998, the price of light, sweet crude petroleum had staged an amazing rise of more than 12-fold from barely $10/barrel to near $140 in mid-2008. This, for a commodity locked in a trading range around $20 per barrel for the prior 15 years. What changed and what drove this huge increase?"
— from James R. Norman's The Oil Card

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Jim Norman's knowledge of energy markets represents years covering the big-picture both domestically and globally. He has been a senior editor at Forbes magazine, served as the Houston bureau chief for BusinessWeek, and is the author of The Oil Card: Global Economic Warfare in the 21st Century. Jim is one of those rare experts who can integrate the dots between futures markets in New York, what they mean to global politics from Moscow to Washington, and how this impacts you and me on Main Street.

Such intelligence is invaluable as businesses, households, and savings are profoundly impacted by the availability and price of energy as dictated by global economic warfare. This means that commodities and financial markets serve vastly different aims than allocating assets and capital in the real economy. As the resulting volatility in commodities and financial markets rises, we hunger for an understanding of what is really happening—just the kind of knowledge that Jim can help us develop.

On this week’s Solari Report, Jim and I will discuss why we are skeptical of “peak oil” theories and what’s next in the competition for global strategic resources, particularly in Iran. We'll also cover the fall of the Soviet Union, the subsequent “privatization” of Russian assets, the emergence of global competition with China, and the “pipeline politics” that have inspired a long term U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

This will be an important hour for helping you understand the trends driving U.S. politics as well as successful investment strategies for your family and business. Subscribers to The Solari Report receive access to our complete archive of calls via MP3 recordings. You can learn more and subscribe here.

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