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There is no better way to build real wealth than to find ways of raising up the children in our lives. Whether it's the young people in our families or those in our personal networks, there are many opportunities that exist to support our children in learning, growing, and prospering.
—Catherine Austin Fitts
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This Week

For years, friends and members of the Solari network have urged me to write something in "book" form. I have finally begun this undertaking with, Gifting to the Children We Love.

This book focuses on gifts designed to help children build the knowledge, habits, and skills they need to understand and participate in our economy and to become financially independent. It also highlights ways in which children can understand and relate to real assets rather than financial speculation and manipulation. Gifting to children is something we can all do, no matter what our financial circumstances are.

You can purchase Gifting to the Children We Love at the Solari Store.

We also released a new Podcast this week -- you can listen to it here. And you can subscribe to The Solari Digest podcast series here.

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