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1st Quarter 2010 - Looking Back Healthcare
"The Bank collects all taxes, fines, loans and interest, and the price of all properties, which it sells and auctions. The Bank never goes broke. If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may issue as much as needed by writing on any ordinary paper."
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In our year-end wrap up, 2009: The Year of the Giant Vampire Squid, I said that in 2010, the “Year of the Tiger,” that the road would turn East and that the geopolitics of the Grand Chessboard would dominate capital flows and military actions. In the United States, the gears would grind as unemployment, pain in housing and real estate markets, and state and local government budget adjustments continued.

Sure enough, that is what is happening. In this week’s Solari Report (Thursday, April 1st), I will be looking back at the events of the past three months and discussing where we are and what’s next:

  • Missing Money: Defining a Framework for Uncertainty
  • China, Russia, & the Politics of Eurasia
  • Natural Resource, Trade Wars by Every Other Name
  • Financial Reform & Capital Controls
  • Food Fights: Genetically Modified Food, Vitamins, Food Safety Reform
  • Health Care Reform & 16,000 New IRS Employees
  • The Data Beast: Health Care Databases, Spychips & The 2010 Census
  • Media: Avatar & 3D Technology, Mind Control Intensifies
  • 2010 Elections
  • Housing and Real Estate Markets
  • Municipal Markets: State and Local Government Adjusts
  • Equity Markets: The Shift East
  • Bond Markets: Sovereign Bonds vs. Corporate Bonds
  • Currency Markets: The Dollar Shines
    — Precious Metals, Too
  • Heroes & Opportunities
  • Actions for Those Feeling Anti-Social

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Capital Controls, By Another Name
With all the hoopla over the health care bill, hardly anybody noticed that a job creation bill that President Obama signed on March 18 makes it much harder for United States citizens to avoid taxes by hiding money in overseas bank accounts.

A U.S. Biometrics Agency
As of last week, there is now a U.S. Government national security agency called the Biometrics Identity Management Agency (BIMA). It supersedes a Biometrics Task Force that was established in 2000. Though nominally a component of the Army, the biometrics agency has Defense Department-wide responsibilities.

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