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"We have received questions from subscribers as various news services reported fines of up to $5,000 for failure to comply with the 2010 Census when a much lower fine of $100 was specifically authorized by Congress. Given the facts, I would describe these reports as regulatory terrorism."
—Catherine Austin Fitts  
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On this Thursday’s Precious Metals Report, I am going to explain why Solari has launched our precious metals dealership Solari Silver & Gold in partnership with Franklin Sanders’ The Moneychanger. Please check out the FAQ’s and other information on our web site. We think you will find it useful.

We'll touch on why having personal control of your assets grows more attractive as "back-door" capital controls appear, like the new provisions in the HIRE Act.

Franklin Sanders and I will then update you on the latest market developments and walk through our new Silver and Gold Calculator and how you can use it. This is a wonderful tool—please try it for a test run! If you are interested in starting a community currency, here is a way to do so with the “just do it” method.

We're also going to talk about why you need to worry less about your gold being confiscated and focus on protecting your mind, your body, your kids, and all your assets. As promised, we will also be introducing Date #1 in The Ten Most Important Dates in the History of Silver & Gold that we are developing. In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of an online movie you don’t want to miss: the BBC’s The Last Days of Lehman Brothers.

Subscribers to The Solari Report receive access to our complete archive of calls via MP3 recordings. You can learn more and subscribe here.

Catherine Austin Fitts' Blog  

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The No-Pay Movement
Since I started covering the financial crisis a year and a half ago, I’ve been getting a lot of letters that say things like, “This all sucks. But what should we do about it? If you don’t have any answers, what’s the point?”

Peter Brimelow: Gold Price Suppression Suspicion Now Mainstream
Paranoids notoriously have enemies, but sometimes they have friends too. Long-derided financial conspiracy theories are finally being reported in the mainstream media. Could be ominous.

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