December, 2007

What those who love freedom most need right now is an honest map. The theft of billions in the mortgage market is not a fraud–it is a financial coup d’etat. It was made possible by turning off our traditional smoke alarm: the price of gold. Main Street knows that a rising gold price or disappearing gold stores means trouble.

Lead by Bill Murphy and Chris Powell, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (of which I am a board member) has lead the way to illuminate and stop this manipulation by the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury and Wall Street. Thousands, if not millions, of individual investors and their families are on solid ground today thanks to GATA's efforts.

GATA has just announced our campaign to require the Federal Reserve and US Treasury to make public information about they have been doing with America's gold reserves. Please take some time to read the press release and forward to your network.

To celebrate and support this historic development, the Solari Store is offering a free copy of GATA's Gold Rush 21 DVD with all purchases of our Precious Metals Miniseries, Investors Collection or Complete Collection, during the holiday season. Gold Rush 21 is a heart warming, fascinating introduction to the global financial reformers who are leading the way.

For those of you blessed with the resources to consider year-end giving, we wholeheartedly recommend a donation in support of GATA's campaign.

On behalf of the Solari team, I send prayers to you and your family for a joyful holiday season. Thank you for all you do to lift up our spirits. We look forward to being "in cahoots" with you throughout the New Year as, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, the new world comes to the rescue of the old.

~ Catherine Austin Fitts


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