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January, 2008  



The rush of a new year always feels like a chance for a new beginning. We at Solari have in mind to support your “fresh start” momentum by encouraging you to come clean, and to help you out with that we’re offering a free download of our “Getting Started With Coming Clean” audio seminar.

Why Coming Clean? Why now? Well, as we’re heading into this new year there is a lot of economic and financial uncertainty around. In 2007 the things we’ve been talking about and warning folks about began unfolding, and now waiting to see if and when the other shoe will drop is distracting for many. It would be very easy, in these uncertain times, to fall into hopelessness or helplessness. That is not what I have in mind.

Instead of giving energy to unknowns, what about focusing energy and transforming our greatest known—ourselves. By coming clean in our thoughts, our actions, and our transactions, we begin preparing the new map that will guide us into certainty and courage and out of fear and dread. Since we transform our world as we transform ourselves, there’s not a better time to start than now. So resolve to make 2008 the year you join with Solari in coming clean!

I also would like to mention that we have terrific new tools in development for roll-out in 2008. These are tools that can help you keep your transformation going and your map expanding through this year and beyond. We’ll be making new announcements as the tools become available, so stay tuned to our updates.

— Catherine Austin Fitts   


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