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March 16, 2006

I am often asked, how does Tapeworm Economics work? Who is the Tapeworm and how do they get us to act against our own self interest? How do they get us to crave what is good for the Tapeworm and bad for us? If we want to shift how things work, we have to see the Tapeworm clearly. Here are two great new offerings to help us do that:

DOCUMENTARY TAKING HOLLYWOOD BY STORM – Aaron Russo's "America, From Freedom to Fascism" attracted almost 1500 people to its Beverly Hills sneak preview last week. A second screening was arranged that night for the 425 seat theater and still people were turned away. Five additional sneak previews were scheduled last week in Chicago, Atlanta, and the Pacific Northwest. More screenings have been scheduled across the country...
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JON RAPPAPORT'S NEW AUDIO SEMINAR –"Mind Control, Mind Freedom". Jon is the single best source of information on who is running the world and how they do it. I try to read everything Jon writes, and hear him speak whenever I can. This three-part seminar series represents his most comprehensive treatment of this important subject to date, and there is no more astute, eloquent teacher on this topic!
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Blessings coming your way!
-Catherine & the Solari Team

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