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April 6, 2006

And Special One-Time Offer

The news has been full of articles about the risk of "fiat currency" and the falling dollar which are critical to our understanding how the money really works, and help us effectively manage risk and protect and invest our resources proactively. Here are my top picks for the week:

The End of M3 Hiding the Truth About Inflation,
Reflections by James Turk - founder of GoldMoney
and editor of the Freemarket Gold & Money Report.
, March 28, 2006

The Fear Index Goes Out On Top,
Reflections from John Rubino - co-author The Coming Collapse
of the Dollar and How to Profit From It (Doubleday, 2004).
Gold Seek, April 2, 2006

Dollar Falls on Chinese Diversification Fears,
By Steve Johnson, Financial Times, London, April 4, 2006

A Comment on the American Economy,
By Catherine Austin Fitts, Catherine's Blog, April 6, 2006

Excerpt: "What does this mean to most Americans? A steady decrease in income, a steady rise in living and interest expense and a leveling off of housing prices – even a fall – at a time when most Americans are saving less and seriously over leveraged."

– Now more than ever it is important to consider shifting your assets away from dependence on a corrupt financial system into a financially intimate portfolio. Precious metals can be one important component -- as tangible insurance, to provide liquidity in critical times, and to help create a shift toward sound currency (see my Comment on the American Economy above for rationale). Now based on recent events, we’re offering a precious metals seminar special for the next ten days at Solari Store. We also recommend a sampling of free resources below.

  1. New: Gold Rush 21 (DVD) $19.95 at Solari Store
    Hot off the press from the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee covering their recent historic gathering of international leaders at the Gold Rush 21 Conference in the Yukon (Canada).
  2. Special Offer: Receive a free copy of Gold Rush 21 (DVD) when you order one of these audio seminar sets from Solari now thru April 15th:
    Precious Metals Miniseries hosted by Catherine Austin Fitts
        and special guests James Turk & Franklin Sanders
    The Investors Collection adds housing bubble and SRI
    The Complete Collection all our audio seminars
  3. Franklin Sanders' The Moneychanger website and newsletter
    (one newsletter I always read)
  4. website for current prices
  5. Coming Clean – from Wall Street to Main Street
    Our new resources webpage with many helpful links
  6. website for the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, of which I am a member and have the honor of serving on the board.


We hope that our articles and audio seminars will continue to support you in doing all that you are doing!

Blessings coming your way!
Catherine & the Solari Team