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April 14, 2006


America is run by "tapeworm economics" – an economic system where a small handfull of insiders extracts subsidy from many outsiders and cycle a portion of their winnings back to the increasingly dependent outsiders.

When we reverse this cycle of dependency, we start to gather authentic power. We do not support the people and organizations who lead the Tapeworm and manage its profits. We do not invite them into our lives and networks where they can and do sabotage our efforts to build strong communities and real wealth.

As we help members of our network "come clean," we find many people are frozen or feel helpless because they cannot "see" who the Tapeworm is or how the Tapeworm drains them in their day to day lives.

To help you see how the Tapeworm operates in America today – who is doing it and how they do it – Catherine and the team at Solari have prepared an all new in-depth case study of the kind used in business schools to illustrate the Tapeworm's core business competencies and modus operandi.

We are now pleased to announce:


Featuring Catherine's new expose of "tapeworm economics" Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits – probably the most comprehensively researched and documented work she's done to date, depicting the creme de la creme of Wall Street-Washington economic hit men and women in action... This novel website is loaded with special features including "who's who" and extensive chronology of events.

"Inside the financial world, government agencies and their private contractors lies a hidden system of money laundering, drug trafficking and rigged stock market riches..."


Radio talk show host Dean Becker will interview Catherine on his show Cultural Baggage this Friday April 14th at 8:00 pm ET / 7:00 CT / 5:00 pm PT to discuss her new article and website Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits broadcasting from KPFT in Houston, TX. You can tune in live, call in with questions, or download the recording after the fact. Listen live or download the radio broadcast.

Blessings coming your way!
Catherine & the Solari Team