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June 22, 2006


1. NEW SOLARI AUDIO SEMINAR - Premiere Broadcast June 29th
We are pleased to announce the premiere broadcast of our new audio seminar Introducing Jon Rappoport with Catherine Austin Fitts and special guest Jon Rappoport Thursday, June 29th, at 6:00pm PDT / 9:00pm EDT for two hours. The purpose of this interview is to introduce you to someone very special whose leadership and work can help you survive and thrive in uncertain times. Click here to read more or to register.

(New Schedule) Dennis Bernstein to interview Catherine on FLASHPOINTS! Radio on Wednesday, July 5th to discuss her new business case study of "tapeworm economics" Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Prison Profits article and website – probably her most comprehensively researched and documented work to date depicting the creme de la creme of Wall Street-Washington economic hit men and women in action. Click here to listen or download the broadcast.

3. FREEDOM TO FACISM - Grand Opening July 28th!
Here is the announcement we have all been waiting for...the release of Aaron Russo's AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM is set for July 28th in selected theatres across the US. CBS’ Todd David Schwartz said of the film, “Makes (Michael Moore’s) Fahrenheit 9/11 look like ‘Bambi’”. See Catherine's review of the film. Help get the word out! Click here to learn more and see list of opening venues.

Blessings coming your way!
Catherine & the Solari Team