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June 27, 2006

Catherine Austin Fitts & Jon Rappoport

In 2 days, on June 29th, Catherine Austin Fitts and Jon Rappoport will be doing a phone seminar for 2 hours, and major portions of that seminar will then be created as a 75 minute product on CD and mp3 files titled: “Introducing Jon Rappoport.”

EVERYONE WHO ORDERS EITHER THE CD OR MP3 VERSION IN TIME WILL ALSO GET ACCESS TO THE LIVE CALL ON THE 29TH. An email will be sent out to you confirming your order and giving you the phone number to call and your passcode. The phone call will take place on Thursday June 29 from 6pm-8pm PACIFIC TIME.

The first hour of the call will present Catherine's prerecorded interview with Jon, and in the second hour – which is live – they will take questions from the listening audience.

This seminar is a long-planned opportunity to explain Jon's important work on the art and skill of creating what you desire in your life to people who haven't encountered it before.

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Following is a short into to the seminar:

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The purpose of this interview is to help introduce you to someone very special whose leadership and work can help you survive and thrive in uncertain times.

For many years, I have recommended Jon Rappoport as one of the finest sources of information revealing who's who at the top of the power hierarchy, how resources are really governed, and the culture that currently dominates our planet. Who's in charge? How do they manipulate opinion? Why do they do what they do and what motivates them – in finance, energy, media, medicine, military, government, intelligence, religion and transnational corporations?

The advantage of understanding the answers to these questions leads us into the evolution of Jon's work on manifestation. Once we have a map of how things REALLY work, then we can take the next step to understand that we also have the power to invent our world too – one that is true and beautiful.

Solari Audio Seminars help us understand how to use our transactions and investments as a financial power tool to invent our world. First, however, we must make the transition from observer to player. We must learn how to stop buying into the world that others manifest for us without our knowledge and consent and to begin to manifest the world that we want.

Listening to Jon Rappoport is a great way to start the journey from observer to power player in transforming your world.

End of Intro.

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We hope you'll join us on the 29th.

Blessings coming your way!
Catherine & the Solari Team