Solari :: Lecture & Workshop December 15-16, 2004
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Powerful Strategies for the Ethical Investor
in Uncertain Economic Times

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A Lecture & Workshop Presented By

Catherine Austin Fitts
President, Solari, Inc.
Successful Wall Street & Washington DC Investment Banker

December 15 7:30 - 9:30 pm $20 advance/$25 door (no one turned away for lack of funds)
December 16 5:00 - 9:30 pm $100 advance/$110 door (includes light meal)
Workshop fee includes admission to both events

Both events at
Mill Valley Community Center
180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA
[ From 101, take East Blithedale exit to Mill Valley. Turn left
at the 3rd stoplight (Camino Alto) and then left into driveway. ]

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By phone advanced credit card registration:
call (888)267-4446

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Learn the Facts About the Dollar Meltdown

Are you concerned about the falling value of the dollar and the impact of the recent elections? Are you wondering about their likely effects on your job, your investments, your family, and your community? You should be.

It is likely that the value of the US dollar will continue to decline, due to America's unprecedented trade and federal deficits. The Bush administration’s "strong dollar policy" means that domestic spending likely will be slashed. Greenspan recently stated that investors not hedged for higher interest rates in the US will lose money. Wise investors need to think hard about strategy—now!

Don't Get Blindsided by Market Manipulation

Much of what you need to know is not being reported in the mainstream press. Extensive manipulation of the gold and silver markets, the mortgage markets, and 9/11-related war profiteering—these and other “black budget” secrets should also be of deep concern for ethical investors. America is also facing rising oil prices, rising unemployment, and dangerously overvalued stock and bond markets. One highly respected Wall Street economist recently warned about "economic armageddon."

The alarming fact is that certain insiders are poised to gain from a continued decline in the dollar—while most global citizens, including Americans, are positioned to be blindsided. What can the ethical investor do to feel secure in this unprecedented situation?

Respond Powerfully to Economic Warfare

For useful answers to this urgent question, join Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari, Inc., former managing director and member of the board of directors of a highly successful Wall Street investment bank, and Assistant Secretary of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner under Bush I. Learn about how you, your family, and your community can respond to the economic warfare being waged against us in these uncertain times.

Beginning with an opening lecture on December 15, and continuing in an intensive workshop the next evening on December 16, Catherine will offer the tools you need to counter the unholy alliance of unaccountable government entities, global corporations, and central banks that stand to benefit a small elite group of investors through the dollar’s collapse, while leaving small investors, local businesses, and entire communities exposed to unprecedented expense and risk.

In Catherine’s four-hour workshop, you will learn about seven key actions contained in the Solari toolkit that will help you build the protection you need while contributing directly to global transformation—right now. Now is the time for responsible investors and business owners to capitalize on the opportunities for profitable transformation during this era of instability!


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Catherine Austin Fitts is President of Solari, Inc., offering investment and risk strategy advice to high net worth investors and investment management firms seeking to adjust their portfolios in the face of the dollar's likely continued decline, as well as personal and business planning. Catherine is the creator of the innovative Solari Model that maps investment opportunities by place, returning wealth creation to neighborhoods everywhere. She served as Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street investment bank, Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. Catherine also served as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD in the first Bush Administration and was the President and Founder of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., a broker-dealer/investment bank and software developer that successfully completed $12 billion of transactions and $500 billion of portfolio strategy prototyping the solari model. Catherine has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The Wharton School, and studied Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Catherine serves on the board of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and publishes a column, Mapping the Real Deal, in Scoop Media in New Zealand.