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Working together to make healthy local living economies the best investment worldwide


Dear Friends of the Solari Action Network,

The Solari Action Network is percolating – inspired by men and women from diverse walks of life and placesin neighborhoods throughout America and around the world – exploring practical ways to transform our culture and economy through individual and local action. We look forward to seeing you online at

Call to action
We are now beginning a concerted campaign to grow the Solari Action Network, and we want invite your contribution and participation.

We are quite literally at a crossroads in history. It is the time to re-imagine our world as we wish it to be, to re-ignite our sense of community and civic responsibility, and to reinvent our lives. As Caroline W. Casey teaches us, it is the time to invite in the Jetino – the magic that comes in dangerous times.

We vote every day with our time, our money and our attention.
The choices we make in our personal lives influence what we create in the world around us. How can we come together with those we trust in our local communities to effect changes that add beauty, integrity, and life affirming qualities to our daily lives? HowHow can we map our financial world to support these values in our villages, towns, and cities?

Solari is a solution for re-invigorating communities.
The Solari vision is local living economies that are the most attractive equity investment opportunity worldwide. This requires two primary "toolkits." The first is financial literacy and transparency. The second is financing places with locally controlled equity – with investments that encourage income and equity capital gains. Equity value is unleashed by applying transparency and accountability to all government expenditures, credit , and regulation in our area, by helping citizens and small business retire their debts and create jobs, and by healing our environment, improving our education and making places our neighborhoods safe and beautiful.

This transformation starts with a conversation dialogue illuminating how the money works in our place and how we as a community can cooperate to have make it work for us.

How you can help make this vision a reality
Such re-invention cannot happen top-down; the citizens of a neighborhood are the best qualified to lead and to make intelligent choices. Indeed each neighborhood must take its destiny into its own hands. We are organizing around the needs of unique individuals. Solari’s purpose is to help each neighborhood each one of us connect globally to to build and share the tools together that are most responsive to each other’s efforts.that allow transformation to resonate worldwide.

Here are five opportunities to help make that happen:

    Opportunity #1. Learn about the Solari model and why it is a uniquely powerful framework for citizen citizen-led solutions.

    Opportunity #2. Connect with others who are exploring the possibilities and sharing knowledge.

    Opportunity #3. Fuel the creation of the network by making a donation.

    Opportunity #4. Get personally involved.

    Opportunity #5. Attract others to sign up, donate and volunteer.

    The Solari Action Network wants your vote.

You bring the magic that connects the network. Please contribute any way you can to making make this a transforming movement. Let us know what we are doing that gives you energy and inspires your support, as well as constructive suggestions for cost effective improvement.


Opportunity #1: Learn About the Solari Model

Audio: Solari Workshop in Sebastopol
During the Magic & Money Speaking Tour in California, Catherine did a workshop in Sebastopol on the solari model. Special thanks to Solari Action Network members Sun and Alan of and Keith Basil of, the audios are now freely accessible:

Articles: The Solari Opportunity
Catherine has published a new series of articles on how we can take action locally, including:

Thanks to Solari Action Network member Christina Engelbart of Sebastopol California who has recently joined Catherine at Solari, these articles are freely accessible through an updated (and much lovelier!) Solari website:


Opportunity #2: Sign Up to Connect with Others & Build the Tools

The purpose of the Solari Action Network is to build a global forum that fosters a conversation about how to align community health with investment wealth.

With special thanks to Solari Action Network members Henri Poole and Christopher Reed of, we have launched an on line forum. The forum makes it possible for network members to connect with others in their community and their community of interest, and contribute to the emerging conversation.

The forum also creates a way for Catherine to respond to the growing questions on line, to update network members on her speeches and articles, and to post some of her efforts to support a global network of independent media and researchers. These are all part of creating the transparency, the sunshine that is so essential for the creation of a solari in your community.

Do sign up and join us in the conversation!


Opportunity #3: Vote with Your Money for the Solari Action Network

Now you can vote with your money and your comments for the Solari Action Network. Thanks to critical support from allies Brad de Graf of Venture and Henri Poole of, we have launched a campaign to build a flow of sustainable donations to nurture and support Catherine and the Solari Action Network.

Donations provide the financial energy we need to sustain our efforts and provide the critical "votes" that demonstrate that popular support exists for honest media, honest government and honest business leadership. Our on line forum includes ways you can post comments and add your name to those contributing. The growing number of "votes" creates momentum behind our intention for positive transformation. Ten percent of all donations are tithed to the Independent Media Fund at Venture

Your vote is powerful. Do take this opportunity to vote for Catherine and the Solari Action Network at

Give what is comfortable for you, such as:  


    for quarterly network support


    donation for annual network support


    sustaining donation


    network donation


    patron donation

Thank you so much for your support!


Opportunity #4: Make a Personal Connection & Volunteer

Christina Engelbart and JoJo Doig of Sebastopol, California will shortly launch a phone campaign to find out what’s on your mind, build participation in the network, and raise donations. Would you like to be part of this more personal effort to build the Solari Action Network? We are also on the lookout for volunteers to help with a variety of functions. Christina and Jojo will be happy to discuss these opportunities with you. Or email your thoughts to us at (--or or go to the forum topic "Getting Involved".


Opportunity #5: Attract Those You Love to Sign Up, Donate & Volunteer

We would love for you to invite others to the Solari Action Network. Can we give energy to the people you most care about? Can we help them be supportive of you and your efforts?

Please do forward this e-mail on to others who you think would want to join and/or contribute.

Prayers Coming Your Way,

From the Solari Action Network Team

Catherine Austin Fitts
Christina Engelbart
JoJo Doig

And Our Allies:

At Affero:
At Venture Collective: