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The Solari Opportunity
Catherine Austin Fitts

To be presented at:
A Seminar by Jon Rappoport
Saturday, September 25, 2004
San Diego, California


Overview of The Solari Opportunity

America's communities – and indeed communities worldwide – have found themselves drained as the partnership between financial interests, organized crime and government continues to consolidate economic power through large corporations, banks and investment interests.

Catherine Austin Fitts, former partner and member of the board of Dillon Read & Co. Inc., a Wall Street investment bank, and Assistant Secretary of Housing under Bush I, created a financial "toolkit" in the mid-1990's to help investors improve their yields by investing in small business, small farms and small real estate portfolios through locally controlled equity databanks and investment advisors called a solari, and to help consumers enhance their personal and political power by "voting with their money."

At the heart of the Solari model is a stock structure that allows local owners to control through ownership of solari A voting shares, while profiting along with local and global investors through solari B non-voting shares. This split between control and economic value is a model refined and used with great success by Clarence Dillon, former Chairman of Dillon Read & Co. It is similar to models used in China and the emerging markets to combine local control with outside, global capital.

The Solari model is a refashioning of the Dillon model to financing "places" with equity. It allows strategic management and control by local leaders. It allows local consumers the opportunity to participate in the stock market-type equity and capital gains created from their deposits, purchases and attention. At the root of it, the philosophy says,

"Why let Wal Mart buy up our market and enjoy all the profit from our purchases if we can aggregate our small businesses and profit from financing and modernizing them ourselves?"

"Why let foreign corporations buy up our land and water and other municipal functions as privatization occurs? Why not have the community buy and control these and finance them with local and global capital in partnership?"

"Why let credit card companies finance our neighbors at 18% when we are only earning 2% on our bank CD's? Why not get together and pool our capital and keep those interest profits in our community?"

Prototyping of the Solari model was delayed when the Department of Justice targeted Fitts' investment bank in 1998, ultimately seizing her company and effectively destroying her software and database infrastructure and draining her financial resources with the seizure of $2MM in receivables and many years of investigation and litigation. As the government's efforts to frame Fitts and her company failed, she was able to revise the Solari model to reflect a deeper understanding of the darkest forces of economic warfare impacting our communities as our leadership attempts to transition our economy to a permanent war economy.

Catherine has emerged and is now launching her new company, Solari, Inc, an investment advisor (in formation). This fall she will launch two open source products through the web, Solari Circles and Solari Investor Circles. Solari Circles are informal clubs focused on local efforts to help its members save time, barter, save money and generate income – all in a manner that address the diminishing reliability of – and increased risks created by – government and corporations. Solari Investor Circles are local investment clubs that focus on local investment, rather than investment in the stock and bond market. The notion is that the way to create sustainable communities that integrate the best of new and old technology – such as alternative energy, alternative health care, biodynamic farming – is to find a way to that that successfully addresses our practical short terms problems – and the serious and growing risks involved – in making a living and providing for the safety and security of our families. Like the videos on the airlines tell us – "put your own oxygen mask on first."

Catherine's presentation will focus on early efforts of communities – including members of Solari's on line forum, the Solari Action Network – to capitalize on the opportunities available to solari-style "community conspiracies" that fashion new and transforming investment alignments between consumers, small business and farms, and local and global investors. Catherine will touch on the spiritual and cultural efforts that are the first step to engaging and prospering in a more collaborative economic model.

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