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The challenges we face are mounting: the collapse of the housing bubble, the falling U.S. dollar, environmental changes and deterioration, health threats, inflation, and the growing possibility of a global financial meltdown.

High gas pricesIn this audio seminar, recorded in 2008, Catherine Austin Fitts addresses how Solari Investment Strategy can help you identify and manage investment risks and opportunities in today's economy.

Catherine covers the importance of avoiding the "yield trap," or investing in income-producing assets that are being drained by inflationary monetary policy.

Dollar purchasing power

Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to listen and learn with you. Yes, the invisible financial forces in our lives can be made visible. No, we no longer need be at the mercy of financial "experts" who talk over our heads.

If you are ready to understand your world and to protect your financial well-being, "Positioning Your Assets for Growth in Uncertain Times" is a must-have toolkit.

Positioning Your Assets for Growth in Uncertain Times

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Positioning Your Assets for Growth in Uncertain Times

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What actions should we take to position our assets in uncertain times? How can we ensure that our savings and investments are safe and that they will grow sufficiently to support our families? And how will we do this in a manner that protects and transforms our communities and networks?

Listen to an Audio Clip:
Listen to Catherine discuss how you can protect and grow your financial assets...

Seminar Outline:
 - Introduction
 - A Fundamental Shift
 - Principles of Solari Investment Strategy
 - Opportunities
 - Scenarios
 - Before-and-After Portfolio Comparison
 - The "Yield Trap"
 - Frequently Asked Questions
 - Staying Current
 - Summary

Catherine Austin FittsAbout Catherine:
Few people are as well-qualified to discuss financial asset management as Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine's understanding of how money really works in today's financial markets is unparalleled. Learn more...

What You Get:
The duration of this audio presentation is over (2) hours.  The audio seminar includes a transcript, on-line charts, graphs, and portfolio comparisons that you can print out and use to digest this comprehensive presentation.The seminar was recorded live in June 2007.

Customer Comments:
"Rare is the chance to hear honest analysis and advice from Wall Street experts. Most are fraught with conflicts of interest and corporate agendas. Solari Inc. has been the single most valuable source of independent information and strategy to me for over five years."  
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