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The Building Wealth Collection offers (5) essential interviews and commentaries from The Solari Report archive selected to provide you with the information you need to empower you to build equity in all areas of your life.

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These interviews and commentaries with Catherine Austin Fitts and guest experts provide a comprehensive framework for building wealth by helping you to understand the complexity of the current financial system and how it really works. In what has become a system of economic warfare designed to create winners and losers it is easy to be fooled and controlled without the right information and precautions.

In these programs, Catherine and her guests help you reclaim your power in your financial ecosystem by defining key concepts, and identifying what you need to know and what to look out for. Through these programs you will be able to take action to protect and grow your assets and build true and lasting wealth for you, your family, and your community.

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The Building Real Wealth Collection includes several popular Solari Reports and a favorite Solari Audio seminar:

  • Building Real Wealth with guest, Franklin Sanders
  • Family Wealth with guest, Jay Hughes
  • Unpacking Financial and Investment Advice Part I
  • Unpacking Financial and Investment Advice Part II
  • Investment Strategies for Changing Times

Audio files (MP3 format) and printed transcripts (PDF format) are included for all titles.

The collection also includes the streaming version of Catherine Austin Fitts' DVD, Investment Strategies for Changing Times with transcript.


Building Real Wealth
Building Real Wealth with guest, Franklin Sanders

In this audio seminar from July of 2005, Catherine talks with long time Solari Report contributor Franklin Sanders. Franklin publishes The Moneychanger and is a precious metals dealer and farmer in Tennessee. Franklin regularly joins Catherine once a month to discuss precious metals market trends and their connection to wider financial market and political events.

In this program they talk about real wealth and using your financial resources as a tool to build both financial wealth and your world. Franklin has an excellent knowledge of the history of money, which is both edifying and insightful.

Some of the key ideas discussed in this program are:

  • Wealth vs Money
  • Production vs. Speculation
  • The Tapeworm Economy
  • The Importance of Place
  • The Healthy Portfolio
  • Your Financial Ecosystem
  • Asset Allocation
Family Wealth with Jay Hughes
Family Wealth with guest, Jay Hughes

Central to the Solari Model is the idea of preserving and growing family wealth. And when it comes to risk management, the family is the most successful and resilient organization created by mankind. Moreover, family wealth is the building block of healthy communities, which are in turn the building blocks of healthy global economies.

These ideas are explored in the following conversation with attorney and family counselor James Hughes who says, “Wealth preservation is a dynamic process of group activity or a governance. It must be successfully reenergized in each success of generations to overcome the threat of entropy.”

Jay Hughes is a sixth-generation counselor at law and author of, “Family Wealth: Keeping it in the Family” and “Family, The Contact Among Generations.”

In this program Catherine and Jay explore several ideas including:

  • Family as bank
  • Preserving wealth
  • Defining a common purpose
  • Human capital
  • Trust
  • Community

As a starting point Jay addresses the question, “Can a family successfully preserve its wealth for more than 100 years or for at least four generations?”

Unpacking Financial and Investment Advice - Part I
Unpacking Financial and Investment Advice - Parts I & II

In these two programs taken from Solari Reports from June of 2011, Catherine provides a comprehensive framework for building wealth by helping you to understand how the current financial system has become a place of economic warfare filled with fraud, incompetence and incredible complexity working on both an overt and covert level. Within such a matrix even with well-meaning advisors, it's easy to get lost, fooled, and manipulated.

Topics discussed in this program are:

  • The Solari Model
  • You, Inc.
  • Diversification
  • Economic warfare
  • Managing to long-term trends
  • The Slow Burn
  • Solari Circles
  • Long-term opportunities

In a step-by-step manner Catherine defines key concepts, identifies who controls the flow of money and capital and how, and advises on actions you can take to manage and build your wealth.

Investment Strategies for Changing Times - DVD
Investment Strategies for Changing Times

The following public talk was given by Catherine Austin Fitts in Mill Valley, California on October 2011 in response to the changing financial environment and the growing need for families to build and preserve their wealth. In this lively presentation she gives clear, practical advice on how to build and create wealth in a way that fosters healthy, safe communities.

Having spoken in Mill Valley in 2004 and again in 2008, the strategies Catherine outlined for families and communities to protect themselves and their assets have proven to be prescient and have stood the test of time.

Key ideas discussed in this program are:

  • Investing in You, Inc.
  • The Popsicle Index
  • Succeeding in all scenarios
  • Lowering overhead and debt
  • Finding a trustworthy bank
  • Aligning your time/assets/investments with the primary trends
  • Real diversification
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