Transformations and Renewals Gathering

Imagine a Network of People Who Understand

"Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face." -- Dale Carnegie

We live in a culture that is experiencing significant stress. There is a wide divergence of opinion as to what is happening and what actions are effective. Some of us want to understand what is really going on, even influence events for the positive. Some of us prefer to stay "in the matrix."

To make matters worse, there is a concerted effort by those who manage the financial system and government to deceive and to encourage division--to divide and conquer. Add falling income and net worth, and you have a recipe for all sorts of harmful behavior.

Imagine having a network of people who understand what is going on and do not give in to the pitfalls. Better yet, they are eager to help each other succeed. Even the thought of it is exciting!

Join us at the Transformations and Renewals Gathering to meet and interact with such people...

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