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"You can't get elected without the oil companies, but then you can't govern with them."
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Solari Report on The Gulf Oil Spill

If there is something growing faster than the plumes of oil spreading across the Gulf of Mexico, it is the unanswered questions about what is happening and what it means to all concerned. On this week’s Solari Report, I will be speaking with the person I most trust to help us understand events in the Gulf and its meaning around the globe, veteran reporter James R. ("Jim") Norman, author of The Oil Card: Global Economic Warfare in the 21st Century.

Jim writes for McGraw-Hill’s Platts Oilgram News. He has been a senior editor at Forbes Magazine and was at BusinessWeek, where he served as Houston bureau chief. Prior to that, he won an AP award for investigative reporting (on an oil and gas scam) while a reporter for the Ann Arbor News in his home state of Michigan.

Jim is one of those rare experts who can integrate the dots between billions in the futures markets in New York, with what that means to politics from Moscow and Beijing to London and Washington, and how that impacts you and me on Main Street. There is simply no one better to help us understand what the Gulf Oil Spill means to our environmental, political and economic ecosystems.

More at the blog.

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